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Each chapter is divided into two parts…part A and part B. BTW, this story is named after the Dir en Grey song Beautiful Dirt. Yup, the Japanese used-to-be-visual-kei-but-is-now-awesomeness-Jrock band Dir en Grey. But anyways…The story isn't anything like the song, I just like the lyrics and it's an…er…interesting song. Yah…read on!

WARNING: This, and later chapters, WILL 100 contain YAOI content. Yup, YAOI. And I hope that's why yur here cause that's all this is. Oh and so much angst it hurts. Literally. And I hope you don't mind cussing either…cause that's this story's spine.

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-Chapter 1 Part A-

- sennou ga nageki wo utau
namiutsu minshuu utau
kokkahanei kokkahanei kokuka
OBLATE ni tsutsunda bakudan-

Brainwash makes us sing a sorrowful song.
People in waves, they sing along.
For the country to prosper.
It's the country's song
It's a bomb that's just covered up.

-The III D Empire Dir en Grey-

"Welcome back to Saiyorou!!!!!!!!!!! Please check in at the front and go to your rooms. First period begins in two hours. Have a nice day."

"Fuck this…" A student with golden blonde hair and grayish turquoise eyes listened to the announcement fully agitated with his full cute lips brought into a scowl. His hair was messy and short and it covered his eyes constantly so he had to push it aside all the time. He was very short compared to the group of friends he was hanging with.

There was Karu, a junior like himself and everyone else. His hair was neat and brown with blonde tips. His eyes were chocolatey brown and big. He was the tallest of the group.

Then there was Daiku. He was taller than Kayou yet shorter than Karu. His hair was black with crimson highlights. It usually was straight and combed to the front. His eyes were black to complement his black hair.

And the last and prettiest member of the group, Toshuu. He was shorter than Karu and taller than Daiku. His hair was dark brown and was cutely put into many different hair styles even though it was short. His eyes were blue, which was also his favorite color.

It was finally the beginning of the year, not that any of them had wanted to come back. Saiyorou was a boarding school. A boarding school that was boring and uneventful…except for the gay guys, lesbians and random rapists…

"Why do we have to go back to school?" Kayou muttered crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hee-hee! I can't wait to figure out who my roommate is!" Toshuu said happily bouncing around.

"Toshuu-chan, your roommate is Yugushi Togani." Daiku told the brunette with a smile.

"Ew! He's ugly." Toshuu muttered. "I wish I could be Karu's roommate." He smiled at his boyfriend.

"I'm Karu's roommate." Daiku smirked at him.

"Bastard. I wish I were you. I wanna be his roomie so we can, ahem, have some fun." Toshuu crossed his arms over his chest in a pout.

"Everyone wants to be my roommate." Karu smiled.

"Toshuu, your roommate is Aiku." Kayou said randomly flipping through papers.

"Really? How'd you know?" Toshuu asked hopefully.

"I have all your papers. I wanted to see if one of you were my roommate so I could commit suicide beforehand." Kayou replied.

"Why didn't you look at your own papers?" Daiku raised an eyebrow.

"Because this fucker took them." Kayou muttered pointing at Karu. "He absolutely refused to tell me who my roommate was."

"Oh yeah." Daiku nodded. "I know now. You don't want to know."

"Could it be—" Toshuu began eyes wide in shock.

Daiku nodded with a smirk.

"Why does everyone but me know who my roommate is?" Kayou asked, annoyed.

"That's 'cause…you'd kill yourself." Karu replied.

"Whatever, as long as it's not Kirin." Kayou shrugged.

"Oh look. There he is." Daiku pointed out.

Kayou turned around sharply to come face to face with none other than Kirin. Kirin was a tall full bodied man that had monster abs that you could see through his tight shirt. And, of course, no one could look at him without noticing his perfect chest. Other than his amazing abs he also had some other perfect features. Like his hair. His layered hair was black and close to straight. It ended just slightly below his ears and flipped out barely noticeably. His eyes were just as beautiful. They were the color of the moon…yet a bit darker. A normal person would call his eyes dull silver.

"Why hello roommate." Kirin greeted in his sly deep voice, a smile grazing his lips.

Kayou glared at his enemy. "I'm gonna fuckin' kill the motherfucker who assigned my fuckin' roommate." He muttered angrily.

The Kayou-Kirin problem. Kayou hated Kirin. End of story. But, there was a little more story behind such hatred. It seemed sort of ridiculous to Kayou and Kirin's friends. Even to Kirin, but to Kayou it was fully serious. Or it was such a hatred in which you forgot why you hate that person yet you know you must hate that person because it's what you must do.

Once upon their high school days, Kayou and Kirin had a class together. One day when the teacher of said class was away, the class dared Kirin, for a certain amount of money, to grab in any way possible the quiet, scary-looking, punk ice-queen, Kayou. Without a second thought, the desperate-for-money Kirin had shrugged and randomly grabbed poor unsuspecting Kayou's ass. Ever since, Kayou had hated Kirin and thought him to be the faggot of all faggots…and Kirin had a lunch for once.

Yes it was a stupid reason but Kayou hated most people according to stupid reasons.

"Speaking of roommate," Toshuu said. "There's mine." He slid past the two guys toward Aiku who stood behind Kirin with the rest of their group.

"Hey Toshuu." Aiku greeted with a wave and his typical friendly bright smile. He was fairly normal in height but extremely skinny. His clothes fit loosely around his thin body. His hair was auburn almost matching his beautiful warm brown eyes.

Along side Aiku was Toshuu's past roommate from last year. Kouku was a tall blonde, slightly taller than Aiku, that looked manlier than Toshuu and Aiku combined. His hair was barely spiked up but long when left down and his eyes were a perky shade of green.

And then there was the quiet and shy Junichi. He was the shortest of the group and looked fairly normal. His hair was short and light brown and his eyes were plain teal.

Then the oldest and strangest of the group, Takou. Also known as Yashuki's bitch. Yashuki was Takou's retardedly perverted boyfriend. Takou's hair was messily short and brown and his eyes were a sea blue.

"I'm so glad you're my roommate Aiku. This idiot told me some ugly dude was my roommate." He pointed toward Daiku who was laughing.

Aiku smiled. "Yeah…um…you wanna go check in? This isn't gonna end and we have first period in two hours. I'm hungry."

Toshuu nodded looking at Kayou and Kirin who had begun to argue.

"Fuck you. It wasn't my fault I was forced to go to this fuckin' school otherwise I wouldn't have to see your filthy ass." Kayou muttered.

"It's not like I chose to be your roommate. Believe me, I really don't wanna see your ugly face every morning." Kirin replied. "And don't insult my ass. It's nice and you know it."

"He does have a nice ass." Toshuu whispered to Aiku.

Aiku snickered. "I know. But it belongs to someone."

"Who?" Toshuu asked suddenly interested.

"Kayou…" Kouku smirked.

"Hee-hee. By the end of the year they won't be able to resist each other." Daiku said floating into the conversation.

"Mmmm." Karu nodded. "They'll be a couple by the end of the year. Opposites attract they say."

"What the fuck are they talking about?" Kayou hissed.

"Oops. He heard us." Toshuu pointed out.

"Your ass is mine!" Kayou yelled as he began to run after Toshuu.

"You can have it if you want cutie!" Toshuu replied running behind Karu.

"Stupid fucker…" Kayou muttered stopping just in front of Karu.

"What'd you say shortie?" Karu asked looking down on Kayou.

"Nothing…" Kayou muttered. "Let's go to fuckin' class."

Toshuu smiled. "Haha!" he laughed .

"Stupid bitch." Kayou muttered.

/Daiku's last class/

"Blah blah blah…blah-blah blaaaah blahhhh!"

Daiku gaped at the professor not making out a word that she was saying. The words were not processing through his twenty-one year old brain that well. Was it important anyways? He was gonna fail anyways so what was the point? The important thing was that it was last period then he could go have some fun with his friends.

"And we have a transfer student from Italy! He's just arrived, pretty late."

Now that was interesting. Time to pay attention! Daiku sat up so he could clearly see the figure standing shyly in the front of the room. It was a young boy with medium height golden brown straight hair. He was a little tall and the blue and silver uniform was loosely fitted on him. Probably a freshman, he decided. Wait, a freshman? He was dumb after all. How could a freshman be as smart as a Junior? Or it could be a Sophomore. Still, that meant he was a year dumber than he was supposes to be…

While Daiku was thinking about the young boy's grade level and his current learning status, he failed to notice that the boy was now seated across the room from him. Damn, I didn't get his name. Oh well, I'll ask later. He decided. It was pretty rare to have a transfer. Who goes to a Japanese boarding school anyways? Okay fine, he did. But he was forced so that didn't count. Wait, did the old hag say Italy? Italian people are cool… He looked back at his paper that he was supposed to be "studying". Boring. He sighed and stared back at his old teacher.

"And that's how my class blah blah blah."

He was gonna fail this class…again. Oh well it was just the first day which meant Syllabuses…that was boring as hell too.

"Now we shall go to the lab and tour the blah blah blah blah blah."

"Mr. Ayuji."

Daiku rolled his eyes. "Yes?" he asked sweetly. He just barely made it into the class and the lady already labeled him as a trouble maker. Stupid bitch. I hate her already.

"Would you like to pay attention please? This is important because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

"Er…sure…" Daiku muttered not understanding a word she was saying. He'd go meet the new kid now that they were leaving the retched classroom.

Daiku got up and walked to the Italian boy as the rest of the class got up to go the lab next door.

"Er…Hi, I'm Daiku. What's your name?" Daiku asked with a sweet smile.

The boy blushed slightly. "Shinichi." He replied in a quiet voice.

"Cool." Definitely a frosh. A cute one too…aw he's blushing kawaii ne… "What grade are you in?" he asked.

"Um, I'm a Junior." Shinichi replied as he stood up to go to the lab with the rest of the class.

A Junior?! Shinichi was way too skinny and feminine to be a Junior like him! "Ya dun look like a Junior…Okay er, come on." Daiku began to walk toward the end of the room followed by Shinichi. "Are you full Italian or are you half Japanese?" he asked.

"I'm half Japanese." Shinichi replied.

"Who's the Italian person in your family?" Daiku asked. Meh, he had to make some sort of conversation. He couldn't afford to pay attention one full day, especially the first day. He needed to screw off.

"Um…my father." Shinichi replied.

"That's cool. Er let's sit here." Daiku chose the place at the end of the room. Hee-hee now the old hag won't notice me hitting, er I mean talking to the new guy. It was a sort of joke they had between him and his friends. Daiku would always hit on the new people whether guy or girl. One could say he was bisexual but more gay than straight.

"You're not an on task person are you?" Daiku asked.

"Well, sort of. I try to get at least a B." Shinichi replied.

B? He was probably getting a D right now…and it was barely the first day. Oh well…this was going to be a long period.

"So, where's your room?" Daiku asked. It was now the end of class and the school was out.

"Um…room 354." Shinichi replied.

"Great! That's 7 rooms away from me! That's cool." Daiku said. All he could seem to say was "cool".

And so the two of them began to walk to the room. Once there, Shinichi brought out the key and unlocked the door. There were three people in there, which amazingly happened to be Kouku, Aiku and Junichi.

"Well, well, well, looks like you have to live with one of these weirdoes for a whole year." Daiku raised an eyebrow at the three boys.

"Hey there Dai-kun!" Aiku greeted happily.

"Hey Aiku." Daiku greeted. "Kouku, Jun-chan. What's up?"

"Er…the sky?" Junichi suggested with a shrug.

"No shit." Aiku said looking at his friend.

Junichi smiled innocently.

"Well yah, this is Shinichi. He's gonna live here for the rest of the year. Who's his roomie?" Daiku asked.

"Me. I think." Kouku said dully.

"Oh, watch out man, this guy killed his former roommate." Aiku said jokingly.

"Shuddap Aiku!" Kouku laughed. "He lives next door now."

"Ya mean Toshuu?" Daiku smirked. "You 'murdered' each other didn't ya?"

"I dun know, he was a little boring to be with. We didn't do that kind of stuff when we were together. Only once." Kouku replied with a shrug.

"Whatever, I'm gonna leave…don't kill Shin-kun." Daiku said as he winked at Shinichi.

Shinichi's cheeks burned red. "Th-thanks." He murmured.

"It's all good." Daiku replied as he let himself out.

-Part B-

- jiyuu aijou boudou kenryoku
majin mitsubaitoshi
seiken hinkon dokusai kaku
jiyuu wa aru daro onore no naka-

Freedom Love Riot Power
whores and prostitutes City of illicit sales
Politics Poverty Dictatorship Nuclear.
Is there such thing as freedom inside us?

-The III D Empire Dir en Grey-

"FUCK!" Kayou muttered angrily shaking the door violently. His key was simply not working. He twisted the key one more time and the door finally opened.

"You make too much noise coming in." Kirin commented.

"Fuck! You were in here and you didn't open the fucking door?!" Kayou yelled.

"I was too busy reading." Kirin looked up at him from the book he was reading while flopped lazily on his bed.

"Hey!" Kayou noticed the object in Kirin's hands and identified it as his own. "That's my book!" he yelled running up to Kirin and grabbing the book from his grasp. "Why the fucking hell are you touching my stuff?!"

"I was bored so I found this in your bag. Duh." Kirin replied as if it were the obvious answer.

"What the hell! Don't touch my things!" Kayou yelled. He dug into his bag and put the book back and pulled out his CD player ready to get out the door.

"Where ya goin'?" Kirin asked.

Kayou made it to the door. "Away from you." He muttered as he opened the door and let himself out then slammed the door behind him.

"Ouch. Fricken ice queen." Kirin muttered as he once again reached for the book in Kayou's bag. "Where was I?" he sighed as he opened the book again.

"hikanteki na kimi to mujihi na kimi to waga kawaii kimi wa soko de nani wo miteiru" Kayou murmured the lyrics to the song he was listening to. Dir en Grey always made him feel better. But why was he always so angry at everyone? It was Kirin, that was why. Kirin always pissed him off. Kirin was everything that he hated. Kirin was…Kirin. He made it to the end of the hall and groaned loudly. Where was he going now?

He turned around to go back to his room. He would take a shower and then go down to eat some dinner, he decided. As soon as he was halfway there he had a strange feeling. He heard the breath of someone behind him. Who was it now? It better not be that bastard Kirin… He thought annoyed as he turned around.

Kirin it was not. In fact it didn't even look like a student. The man looked old and was clothed in black clothes. Kayou could not make out the man's face from his dark heavy makeup but he noticed the man's lips pulled into a smirk.

Oh shit… Kayou acted on his instinct and slowly stepped backward.

The man followed his movements. "You…" he whispered.

Okay…calm down Kayou…then you can panic. Just a few more steps and…oh fuck this! He began to run away from the man knowing the man was obviously tailing him. Once at his dorm room he forced the door open and slammed it shut then leaned on it so the man wouldn't come in.

"Mmmm. What the fuck was that?" Kirin asked still staring at Kayou's book. He looked up and noticed than Kayou was breathing heavily. "Just encountered the act of sex?" he suggested.

"Shut…shut the fuck up." Kayou breathed.

"Why are you so…err…yeah?" Kirin asked looking the other man up and down. Kayou's eyes seemed paralyzed, staring straight into space. He looks really scared…what the hell could frighten him

"Some dude was stalking me…" Kayou replied his eyes fixed into random space.

"Are you sure you aren't seeing things?" Kirin raised an eyebrow. "I mean who the hell would wanna stalk you?"

"Shut the fuck up and look outside." Kayou hissed glaring at Kirin.

Kirin shrugged and got off the bed. Kayou moved from the doorway to let Kirin open the door. He looked out the door and saw nothing but the janitor and an empty hallway.

"Escooze me! Where iz za room 5110?" he asked.

"Beats me." Kirin shrugged.

"Oh…sankoo!" the janitor walked away and Kirin went back inside.

"Yeah…I told you no one would want to stalk you." Kirin said with a shrug. "It was the fucking janitor asking where a fucking room was."

Kayou sighed but Kirin couldn't figure out if it was a sigh of relief or disappointment. What the hell's up with him? He never acts this weird. I've never seen him so freaked out. He's almost…shaking.

"I'm-I'm gonna take a shower." Kayou mumbled.

"Hey are you okay?" Kirin asked.

"No shit. Why wouldn't I be?"

It wasn't his usual harsh tone. It was a plain tone. Yup. Something is definitely up. But I don't really care. I'm sure he's grown up just enough to take care of himself.

Kirin watched as Kayou made his way to his bag. He obviously wasn't unpacked yet. He took out his stuff and walked to the bathroom casually turning to Kirin.

"What the hell are you staring at?" he asked.

"Nothing." Kirin replied. "Hurry up, I need to take a shower next."

Kayou raised an eyebrow then turned around and closed the door of the bathroom behind him as he went in.

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