-deatte hajimete kizuita jibun no orokasa wo

hito wo shinjirarenai mama hito wo kizutsuketeiru to

Naze mata boku wa kimi no koto wo korizu ni aisuru no

koushite boku wa aisuru koto wo wasurerarenai you da demo-

When we met I first noticed how foolish I was
and how i hurt others by never having faith in them
Why do I love you tirelessly again
it seems I can't forget loving you this way.
Believing is painful, I was crying by myself
without being noticed by you, as if you didn't know...

Dir en Grey Wake

"Morning Kitty." Kirin greeted once Kayou had opened his eyes.

Kayou blinked a few times. He was used to this now, waking up with black hair covering his face and the normal "Kitty" greeting. It was a month after the major party and everyone was back where they had come from. Kayou still worked at the Rosé helping Killie and earning some extra cash. Kirin managed the restaurant with help from Sakami and had weekends free in order to enjoy time with his Kitty.

Life was back to "normal" and practiced routines and it even felt a bit boring to Kayou considering his exciting earlier years. But it was indeed better than being away from Kirin or getting constantly attacked. Yeah…but he wanted more excitement. Perhaps an escape on a beach. Somewhere warm and sunny…farther away from Japan…Europe perhaps? There had to be a restaurant in Europe that Kirin's parents owned…or maybe the Caribbean! That sounded so good…


Kirin pulled him away from his thoughts of vacation warmth. He smiled and pulled Kirin closer, kissing him deeply. Kirin smiled into the kiss. Nothing beat good morning kisses. Especially when started by Kayou.

They parted. "Kayou can I ask you something?" Kirin asked.

"Hmm?" Kayou kissed him again.

"Do you wanna get married?" Kirin asked.

Kayou froze. "Huh?"

"I said do you want to marry me?" Kirin repeated.

Kayou shrugged. "Marriage is overrated." He murmured.

Kirin laughed lightly. "Oh come on."

"We're in Japan Kirin." Kayou pointed out.

"So?" Kirin shrugged. "I wanna make us for real. You know, For real for real."

Kayou sighed. "We are for real." He pointed out.

"And I want kids too." Kirin whispered.

"Kirin I'm not a girl." Kayou hissed.

Kirin winced. "Kayou…" he whined. "Don't you wanna live an exciting life? Kids are exciting!"

Kayou rolled his eyes and got up to get dressed. "We'll talk more at the Rosé. I'm gonna be late."

Kirin sighed. Well at least Killie would help him out with convincing Kayou.

"I think it's a wonderful idea!" Killie exclaimed smiling. "You two raising kids! How cute!"

"Oh come on!" Kayou muttered. "How can you see me raising a kid?" he asked. "I'd like, kill it or something!"

Kirin pouted. "But Kayou…"

"As I said before, we're in Japan." Kayou pointed out. "We can't get married or adopt kids! It's illegal!"

"So?" Kirin asked. "We'll go to Hawaii! We can get married there!"

Kayou seemed to consider this. It was a pretty good idea…but not the kid part…

"California? My parents have a restaurant there! We can live on the beach!" Kirin sighed. "Sex on the beach…"

Kayou rolled his eyes; though it sounded good. "Hell no. No kids."

"Psh. Kayou go take the trash out if you're being difficult." Killie muttered handing him a trash bag.

Kayou took it from her and held it away from his body. "Ew…"

Kirin followed him. "But kids are nice! You'd be such a cool daddy!"

Kayou rolled his eyes and opened the door. "No kids." He reached the dumpster and threw the trash in. There was no way he was going to agree to ever raising kids. EVER. A faint noise caught his attention and he looked around the large trash thing. "You have got to be kidding me!"

Kirin squealed with delight. Near the dump, squished in a single baby's car seat were two small babies. They were clothed in little clothing and no shoes.

"What was th—" Killie came out and noticed the babies. She joined into the squealing.

Kayou slapped his forehead. And that was when fate kicked his ass. Hard.

"OOO! Can I name her?! Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!?!?!?!?!" Kariya screamed.

Kayou crashed on the couch. His head was hurting. They had just had an encounter with a doctor that was related to Kirin. The kids were a boy and a girl. Twins. The doctor had promised not to tell anyone where they had found the kids and Kirin had turned to Mayser for illegal paperwork since it was partly Mayser's job. ;) Then they had gone to buy baby clothes and accessories such as diapers and wipes. It was a horrible experience for Kayou.

"Yeah, you can name her." Kirin replied smiling brightly. "We already named the boy."

"What did you name him?" Kariya asked eagerly.

"Kalen. A sorta mix between Kayou and Kirin. Sorta." Kirin replied.

"Can I name her Cecily?" Kariya asked.

"I like that name. Although it isn't Japanese but sure…" Kirin smiled. "Kayou?"

"I hate you all." Kayou muttered. "But I like the name."

"So what now?" Saumi asked picking Kalen up in her arms while Kariya picked up Cecily.

"We'll get married in Hawaii and live in California." Kirin replied as if he didn't need Kayou's agreement. "Kayou?" He turned to him.

Kayou sighed. "Fine."

"EEEEE! My baby's getting married! And I have grandchildren!" Saumi squealed.

"I'm an aunt!" Kariya added.

"You're not mad at me are you?" Kirin asked Kayou quietly.

Kayou shook his head and met Kirin's eyes. "Not like I had a choice. I'll get used to it."

"They're so cute!" Saumi squeezed Kalen and the child giggled. He and his sister had the same light brown hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. The doctor had said they were at least 3 months old now. "I need to make dinner…" she carried Kalen with her to the kitchen and left the others alone.

"I think we should wait 'till summer to have the wedding." Kirin smiled. "Maybe June."

"Next month?" Kayou muttered. He looked at Kariya who was about to open her mouth. "You're not making me wear a dress again."

Kariya shut her mouth and pouted. "But Kayou!" she whined. "You have to!"

"He doesn't have to Kariya. I already forced kids on him." Kirin replied smiling at Kayou in a "you owe me" kind of way.

Kayou smiled. "I knew I loved you for a reason."

Kirin sat next to him and kissed his cheek. "You mean it's not because I'm dead sexy and have a smashing personality?"

"Well," Kayou looked up thoughtfully. "Naw, I take everything back. I fucking hate you."

Kirin gasped. "How dare you! You lied to me?"

Kayou laughed at Kirin's retarded version of shock. "Absolutely." He leaned in and kissed Kirin.

And for the 20th time in the year, a camera flash went off. Kayou glared at Kariya, not severing his and Kirin's contact.

"What?" Kariya shrugged. "For the scrapbook me and Toshuu will make until they grow up and are mature enough to see how their parents are complete loooooosers."

Kirin pulled away. "Ignore her." He mumbled bringing their lips back together.

"Mom! Kirin and Kayou are making out on the couch again!" Kariya yelled.

"Come help me make dinner!" Saumi yelled back from the kitchen.

Kariya rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to Cecily. "Aw. Sissy, you bored?" she asked her. "Mommy and Daddy are making out right now. Come with Auntie and she'll show you the wonders of the kitchen…Even though I can't cook for shit…but I'll show you the kitchen anyways."

Cecily just blinked.


It was 3:00 in the morning that the loud cry woke Kayou from his deep sleep in Kirin's arms. He groaned. That was partially the reason he didn't want to be a parent.

"Kitty?" Kirin murmured.

"Go see what's wrong. This is your fault." Kayou replied.

"Aw. Come with me?" Kirin asked.

Kayou sighed and they both got up and walked to the room right next to them. The babies were on the baby bed, that Kirin's mother had kept since Kariya was a baby, awake and both crying their eyes out. "What do they want?" Kayou groaned. "I'm sleepy."

Kirin picked Cecily up and shook her. "Um…I don't know what I'm doing." He told her.

The child's crying grew louder.


Kayou was currently sniffing Kalen's diapers. "Ew gross!" he hissed. "Change him!" he held out the baby to Kirin.

Kirin sniffed Cecily. "She doesn't smell." He said. "I think she's crying 'cause Kalen is."

"How can you tell the difference anyways?" Kayou asked.

Kirin smirked. "One's a boy one's a girl." He replied.


"That and we dressed Cecily in pink." Kirin said.

"Do you people need help?" a sleepy voice asked.

"I've never been happy to hear that voice." Kayou sighed. "Here." He handed Kalen to Kariya.

"Babies do poopy during the night? Bad boy." Kariya scolded Kalen.

"Babies do poopy all the time." Kayou muttered. "That's why I don't want a baby."

Kariya rolled her eyes. She carried Kalen to a wooden table and undressed him. "Watch cause I'm not doing this again." She told them. She pulled out wipes and another diaper and proceeded to change Kalen, no nasty or smelly details needed.

"Oh gross." Kayou muttered holding his nose.

Kariya giggled as she disposed of the feces infected diaper into a bag that she would properly dispose of into a proper chamber later. "You better get used to it." She suggested as she handed Kalen back to Kayou.

"Babies are nasty." He muttered. He looked to Kirin who was happily amusing Cecily. "You're changing diapers. I'll do everything else." He told him.

Kirin shrugged. "Maybe."

Kariya said goodnight and left the room to enjoy her beauty sleep. "What now?" Kayou asked.

"Er…" he looked at the kids. "Put them back to sleep?" he suggested.

Kayou sighed. This was going to be a long night…not to mention a long month as well.

The days passed quickly from then. Kayou learned how to deal with the babies and even grew to love them and their incredible cuteness. He had almost forgotten he didn't want them in the first place. Kirin was working on transferring Sakami into the head of the restaurant and transferring himself to California. Wedding plans seemed like all that was going on for the time being.

They were in Hawaii, ordering catering and a huge hall for the reception. Kariya had been "forced" to go with them to help with planning and also live with them in California so she could help with the kids. Needless to say she was ecstatic. But Kayou wasn't.

Kariya had taken the kids shopping for a tiny white tux and a pretty silver dress. She had screamed when they had been fitted. Kirin had thought she was insane but he also thought they looked adorable.

And now was the day before the wedding and everyone was freaking out. Toshuu had flown in a few days ago to help out. The theme color of the wedding was black and white. The decorations were rather cute much to Kayou's dismay.

"I think it suites you two." Toshuu commented.

Kayou raised an eyebrow. "Toshuu you are going to die someday with a piece of plastic in your eye."

Toshuu blinked. "Well, that was random."

Kayou laughed. "I know."

"What the hell is wrong with you? You're all…" Toshuu searched for the right word. "Cheerful."

Kayou giggled. "I know."

"Oh dear…this is Kirin's fault." Toshuu slapped his forehead.

Kayou continued giggling. "I know."

Toshuu sighed. "You're drunk."

"I know…" Kayou's eyes widened in realization. "Oh God Kirin's gonna kill me!"

"What was that?" Kirin asked from behind the couch.

Kayou blinked. "No I'm not drunk you dope! Who told you that?" he turned and glared at Kirin.

Kirin smiled. "I told you the wine is for the guests Kayou."

Kayou pulled Kirin down on the bouncy lobby couch, Kirin getting stuck in the process and falling on top of Kayou. But they straightened up and Kayou didn't seem affected. "I can't help it! I'm nervous! The most randomest people in the world that I've never heard of are coming and it's not even that big of a deal! Why the hell do we need to have a reception?"

"Because mom said so." Kirin shrugged.

"And so did I." Kariya said, popping up next to them holding the two babies.

"Gimme!" Kayou yelled pointing at her. "That's mine!"

Kariya blinked. "Which one?" she asked looking from Kalen to Cecily.

"Kalen!" Kayou yelled as if it were obvious. Kariya gave him Kalen and continued playing with Cecily.

Kayou smiled at Kalen. "Hi baby…did you miss daddy? That evil witch was trying to convert you to the dark side? I knew it!"

Kirin rolled his eyes. "Kayou give Kalen to Tosh for a minute. We need to take a walk on the beach and talk a little."

Kayou blinked. "Huh? Why?" he gave Kalen to Toshuu, who happily received him, and stood up. Kirin led him outside and they walked to the beach slowly.

"I just wanna spend time with you before the wedding." Kirin replied smiling. "I can do that right?"

Kayou smiled back. "Of course."

They walked in the sand, their bare feet making soft scrunchy noises as they came in contact with the sand. The beach was almost empty and it was almost dark. The sky was a different array of colors from blue to deep magenta. It was simply beautiful.

Kirin sighed and lay down on the sand near the water but far enough to not get wet. Kayou sat next to him watching the sky.

"It's wonderful, no?" Kirin asked.

Kayou smiled. "Yeah…you are." He replied.

Kirin turned on his side to face Kayou. "I meant the sky, but sure."

"I love you so much Kirin…" Kayou whispered. "I don't think you know how much…"

Kirin pulled on Kayou's arm and brought him closer so that they were lying next to each other on the sandy beach, their faces close together. "I know…I love you too." Kirin murmured brushing his lips against Kayou's ever so gently.

Kayou let out a held breath and moved their lips closer. They kissed gently, letting the scenery encase them and block out all their other worries. Their bodies pressed hard against each other, their tongues made slow then fast paced contact and they forgot where they were, what time it was…who they were.

Because it didn't matter. Nothing mattered. They didn't need a wedding. They didn't need a reception…they were already joined together. And nothing in the world would ever, ever separate them. Ever.

Author's notes: Aw…I'm gonna cry! Well…ahem. Well the sequel is up! Happy Valentine's Day! The sequel is mostly Kalen/Cecily (Okay fine, mostly Kalen) but there's a bunch of Kayou and Kirin being who they are. I thought this was cute…Kayou being a daddy. EEEEE!

Okay, much love to you all, Thanks for your support. It helped a lot. Yay! I actually finished a story! I'm so proud of myself…

Thanks again peepol, hope you like the sequel!