With quite some effort she managed to get the body of her husband into the passenger seat of her old Sudan. He was getting rather stiff in the arms and legs, and she fancied that rigor mortis had already kicked in. Making it a pain to transport the body. After letting herself into the driver's side Amelia Roberts, fumbled through her purse, trying to remain calm as she searched for her keys.

You and me, she thought, we are going for a ride.

When he was alive Greg Roberts had been a useless man, and no matter how hard she tried Amelia couldn't manage to get him off of his lazy ass and do something, or go somewhere or do anything that had a verb involved in it's description. Greg would always come home from work and lay on the couch, watching the news with a beer cradled in his arm. Their relationship had become stale and dull.

But now they were going for a ride, Amelia had finally convinced him to do something. Amelia found her keys and started the ignition, and the old car rumbled to life. Destination, to the pier, so that the car, Amelia, and Greg could all go for a long drive off of a short bridge.

Amelia hadn't really wanted to kill him, but she remembered how angry, she felt, the nerve of him to say something like that to her. The kitchen knife had felt wonderful crashing through his thin sternum and puncturing into his lungs. She felt shameful about it, but what's done is done, like her mom would always say. She wondered if Greg had enjoyed dieing, even though his face looked shocked she wondered if dieing was pain or ecstasy. You could really never trust what the doctor's said about these matters.

She wondered if dieing was like being high, like being on a meth trip, the thought was quickly dispelled from her mind, she remembered that the meth that she loved so much was a stimulant, and that dieing was probably more like a depressant because it marked the beginning of eternal sleep. Had to be some pretty heavy shit to get someone to learn to sleep forever, something like a knife to the chest, or being crushed alive. A moment of pain for an eternity of rest.

Amelia pulled out of her drive way and kicked the car into drive pulling out into the near empty night street, she really needed a fix right now, but there was no time. Hell this is what had gotten her into the whole mess, when Greg had found the lab in the basement, he had freaked out, going of on a tangent of screaming and cursing. You stupid bitch he had called her. A junkie, a meth head, Amelia didn't have to take this insults, they weren't right, he was the lazy bastard. Greg never did anything worth mention all his life. So what if she had her problems at least she was a use to society, or at least she rather thought she was.

After cruising for a while, the car began to run low on gas. Amelia sighed and pulled over in the next gas station, she was a nervous mess, her hands and eyes were twitching with the need for her fix, and from the fear of being discovered before she could just end it all. What would her mother say if she saw her like this?

Calmly as possible she got her stuff together and stepped out at the pump, luckily she was the only person there pumping gas. She paid at the pump and pumped the gasoline, trying not to look suspicious, or to gaze at the dead body of her husband. After getting her gas she got back in the car and with out checking her mirrors or behind her, she drove off in a rush. Forward on and ever, forever.

When she felt that she was away from all peering eyes Amelia looked into her mirror. A man was sitting in the back seat. He was young and crazed looking, he was completely nude except for the odd tattered undergarment he was wearing strapped to his waist. The man's eyes pierced through the back of her head, and for a moment she could have sworn that the iris's of his eyes were blood red, but when she looked back again she noticed that they were really a deep brown.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" Amelia cried out at him, "You some kind of fucking freak?"

The man said nothing, he just stared at the back of Amelia's skull.

"Hey answer me, I could hurt you, you know, just like I did to him." She screamed loosing her wit and pointing at the dead body of her husband as if he had grown a third arm. "He's dead you know, I killed him."

The young man shifted slightly but conveyed no forms of fear or concern. "I know." He stated simply, his voice was cool and angry, deep yet raspy, like wind blowing through dead trees.

There was a silence, an odd understanding silence, especially weird considering the facts and circumstances.

Amelia continued driving towards her destination the man in the back sat there in silence watching her every move with the eyes of a true predator.

Eventually the man spoke up. "Why do you want to kill yourself when the true pleasures of life have just been opened up to you?"

This caught Amelia off guard and she flinched in her well cushioned seat, "What do you mean by that?" She asked.

The man's skin seemed to be hardening into ice, his eyes blurred then melted from their sockets, his teeth elongated breaking the bones in his mouth as they reached knife like sharpness. The man was no longer there but a grinning monstrosity, covered in sheet like ice, a aura of fear surrounded him like a cloak, the feeling of madness and absurdity. Like the creature's very existence offended reality and conscience thinking.

"I shall show you what I mean." The creature hissed and touched the back of Amelia's neck, she tried to pull away from it, but it seemed as if the muscles in her neck were frozen solid, and she felt very hungry, very, very hungry.