Author's note: I wrote this at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, semi-half-asleep. As a result, even I don't really know what it all means. It's either really deep, or purely crap. Or perhaps a combination of the two. Feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Truth of Life
She raised the bottle to her lips
and drowned the World around her
She sunk into the depths
and let her inhibitions float away
She welcomed darkened night
and let the starshine light her way
She was partner to the crime
and she laughed a little bit
It was crazy, lonely; bitter, too.
It was life, and all she knew.

Give it time, and we all wonder
whether whispers are the truth.
Fade away, sweet child of mine,
discover all the truths of ages past.
Give the Heavens praise,
when you think it worth your time,
and agonize in semi-disbelief.
Given another chance,
do you recall how beautfiul
the ocean sweeps the shores,
washing up the melodies of ancient lands?
It's under one premise, the sky
opens its heart and waters down
honor, hope, and wisdom
to those whose thirst is great.
Begone, with better tidings
than what brought you to this Earth;
prosper with the fortitude
of an anxious human mind.
Reap the bounties given
for others to consume
and reckon not but yet abandon
tired ways of older Suns.
Yet bright is still the evening
as the summer torpor wanes
and enters autumn's frantic
unforgiven pains of labor -
and, of love, we oft forget
that winter always brings
passion of the spring
and always cycles through again.
We regret so little of our lives
when lived they must become;
only after does the guilt pervade
our every waking dreams of thought.
It's torture, truly, that we endure,
who walk with glory 'round our feet,
that binds our faithful movements to
the lightning in our hearts.
It's over, the moment we tread our feet
in other sinners' paths;
we lose the goodness that belies all things
and drown ourselves in dogmas lost,
toiling toward a failing light.
However rolls the die of chance,
the fate of death shall linger near,
for all to heed in their due time
and strive for order, to exist
no longer on the mortal plane
but to join with all before us
in the true unity of life.
Go forth and live forever
through your children and your work
and await the day that pureness claims you.
Hold the shroud before your eyes
and fear the darkness, if you must;
but guiding hands will lead you
through the mists of unrenown
and shadows of the bold.
You cannot see the road before you
by staring at the road behind -
you can follow others' footsteps
through the jungle and the maze
but only ever shall you be
lost within your stagnant heart.
Bear witness of your joys and sorrows
by taking heart to those you love;
Forgive, forgive your fellows
and blame those who harm themselves
for nothing but despair.
Fear not, for it is true -
the truth of life resides within
the mind that choses to ascend.


TMK 8/27/2005