Author's note: Look! I actually attempted to do a quasi-rhyming poem. Weird. Thanks for reading.

EXIT sign
Now, now, don't you tempt me,
beacon of fiery flame -
my one way out, besides
that from whence I came.
Yours, of course, is the Right path,
but not the only one left to me;
as always, you're ignored,
and I continue toward
a dead end. Familiarity
holds sway in this game
of running blindly forth;
the unknowns that lie beyond my door
would challenge my worth,
and fearing worthlessness
I retreat, losing the war
fate has asked me to fight.
I hide within walls
and away from the light
while my future stands rooted
until I'm better suited
to step forth and stand tall
before uncertain plight.
To take charge of my life
and risk searing pain,
as long as I gain
the knowledge I seek
and prove I'm not weak;
to overcome misery and strife
and face the world as it is:
my mission to follow
the clear shining arrow
and ascend the stairway
that shall lead me away
to life, to truth, to fate, and beyond.

TMK 8.31.2005