Adieu… My Angel

Dripping down from Heaven

Tears that will never be forgiven

Sadness sweeps through out the sky

As tears falls from angel that deserves to die

Rain comes falling from the clouds

Down on earth, people will gather in crowds

Then slowly rain will change to feather

The angels all will join together

Then one path must be chosen

Pick the right path and an angel falls, frozen

Down to earth, he'll fall fast

Frozen in an icy cast

Though it's sad and a heartbreaking

And the angels heart is badly aching

The choice was right and he knows

And so he falls, holding a single white rose

Frozen wings and stone cold eyes

This angel falls down, falling through the skies

Tears roll down just one girls cheeks

She slowly takes the stand and speaks

My angel, my love, has fallen to Hell

And now I say my last farewell

To my love, I'm so proud of you

Farewell, adieu... adieu