Just like I knew he would the bellman asked, "What room?" when I stopped at the front door outside the residence. Behind me cars blared from the road, cruising down the long streets with intensifying speed. No one was getting past this guy without confirming where his or her destination was; he was strict.

Despite if I wanted it to or not, it irked me. Badly.

There was no reason for me to get assaulted at the front door, it wasn't like I hadn't been here before, even if each time was chaperoned by mom or Harold he should have at least made an effort to recognize my midget structure.

I was prepared.

"Just like last time Earl. Room D-14, fourth floor. It hasn't changed." He didn't do as much as change his expression, his face was blankly marred. I wondered what happened, but thought it would be stupid to ask.

I wasn't going to let him get to me though, because this time was supposed to be different. Jesse was making an effort in organizing his place. The last time I had been over here it was vacated with nothing but the plasma television Harold gifted him, a bed, added to a refrigerator that came with the empty apartment. The other stuff was in boxes or shoved lazily beside the door, while he had watched television intensely at the side of the couch as if studying it, eyes adhesive to the things like dirt and water.

Besides that, I thought it would be a nice chance for us to be alone. Come on, you couldn't possibly blame me for the sexual frustration. Including that I had to know a little about sex or felt it to have this sort of feeling, which I hadn't. Yet.

The last time Jesse and me truly made out was behind the refrigerator weeks ago when Jesse was visiting the family for dinner. He never ate at his house; he didn't feel like buying anything.

Earl nodded in his little red suit as if it pained him to do so. I digested this as meaning 'get the hell out of my face', and shuffled through the tinted glass doors. The breeze hit my face the second I pulled the door ajar, engulfing me in a rubber cool cloud that filled the inside of the apartment and kept the beaming sun out. I licked at my teeth; even they felt cooler.

Excitement shimmered throughout me, and my speed toward the elevator grew faster. Jesse and I hadn't seen each other since last night's dinner, which had been cut down to an hour for his studying back at his apartment. Again. My head was filled with too much pride to beg him to stay.

When I was finally at the door leading to my heaven, I knocked lightly against the lumber, harder the second time, pounding on the third. Of course no one answered. I sighed; digging out a key from the army bag strapped around my shoulder, and popped the door open.

"Jesse," I growled dumping my bag to the floor after slamming the door ruefully behind me. At least the boxes were gone. "You could have at least answered the door. You're so rude," my voice glimmered with annoyance as I moved through the hallway and past the kitchen door into to the front room.

He was seated on the couch with his back towards me tucked into a book, this faze was frequent for him now; Jesse was a college boy. I was dating a college boy. The depiction made my heart jerk against my ribs and back again; I couldn't help thinking of those cartoons on TV. "I gave you a key for a reason," he growled from the couch.

Stepping over the threshold, I walked with attitude in my step; therefore it was apparent how upset I was. Too bad he didn't stir from his book. "Jesse," I sighed, fidgeting with the couch's head fabric. "Aren't you glad to see me?" His callous stern exterior atrociously weakened my voice into a whine.

This made him, although not very kindly, peer back at me before tossing his book to the side. Patting the couch cushion, he gestured for me to sit. Unable to hide a well-pleased smile, I rounded the couch swiftly and sat down. "You know I'm glad to see you," he replied to my question. "I'm always glad to see you."

Ignoring his impatient tone, my heart lifted. I couldn't fight down my goofy little grin as I tried to speak as if I couldn't care, "That's really sweet, Jesse."

He shrugged as if to say 'whatever'.

My eyes traveled around the room. What was I expecting, a candlelight dinner? Jesse never did those kinds of things. In fact the closest to romantic as Jesse will work for was sex on his bed, and since that wasn't going to happen anytime soon I didn't let myself think about it.

He surprised me when he licked my cheek, pulling back with laughter in his eyes. "What were you thinking about," he whispered, knitting his eyebrows. "Except me naked, of course."

I glared at him through my dark lashes, attempting for an intimidating look. "No, how hard I'm going to hit you if you ever try that again," I threatened the little pervert.

He moved closer, bringing his firm chest against my arm, his breath exhaling warmth to my neck as he nuzzled his nose beneath my ear. "Really," he let out, bringing chills to my spine. By now I just wanted to sink in his arms, but regretted it when he licked me again on the ear. "Sounds hot," he added before I elbowed him in the ribs.

He leaned away.

Again, I glared at him. He folded his arms behind his neck, relaxing back in his seat. "Brat," he muttered under his breath, looking up at the ceiling as if I couldn't catch that.

My glare intensified, loosing its radiance when beckoned by the room vicinity. The apartment wasn't a major wreck. Actually there was nothing to compare to for announcing it anything.

The room was plainly dull, held up by plain walls, structured with hard square tilled flooring that brought down the amiability interior, outweighed the floor area beneath the blank, long screen television. The windows weren't shaded, conspicuously opened for the peeping eyes.

Did he know how many perverts lurked in this town? Someone could see him changing, or yet nude, and he wouldn't have known because he'd be to busy strip teasing perverts—though this is granting that he'd be nude at the center of his living room in general.

"Nice effort," I congratulated, satirist melting in my voice as I spoke. "I can really pick up the difference from since I last stayed here. No boxes. Nice, Jesse."

The back of his neck tilted as he opted to look at me with sheer annoyance. "Thanks," he said with mocking glee, "I worked my ass off." His hand moved to tap on my thigh with both his index and middle finger rhythmically, separately. "You want a drink?" he offered. "Alcohol free."

"In that case no," I teased, unable to obtain my eyes from his hand above my knee. He must have noticed where my gaze had trained on, because the next thing I knew his mouth was nipping at the shielded part of my neck.

"Suit yourself," he murmured through kisses. Capturing my waist, he pulled me in closer, while kissing up behind my ear. My eyes laid relaxed shut sooner than I became aware of it; pleasure circuited throughout my body just by his touch, his heavy breathing against my ear, and his voice. It was like my birthday all over again. Except it wasn't as public then the cha cha birthday bash, we were private and no parent could come across us.

"Jesse," I whispered softly while he devoured my neck with his mouth. "We should you know go som—" His mouth crushed against mine in a colliding heap. Shocked and shrieking a bit, I inhaled inwardly when his weight collided against mine. That was when I remembered that Jesse was a lot kinkier than I was. Worry took over a part of me—a very small part. I didn't want to tease him and take it too far but the force of continuing was far greater than the worried half. I really am pathetic.

With my back dissolving in between the soft cushions of the couch, his hands roamed freely from my tank top up to my hair while his additional hand played with the jean band of my pants, tugging and rubbing at it. I couldn't figure out if he was trying to take the pants off or wipe them clean, obviously I hadn't cared as much to think into it. The kissing was soft, but vicious, as our mouths tasted each other desperately seeking more. It was like paradise, except paradise doesn't require a male twice your size crushing you like the hobbit you are.

All of a sudden he yanked away hard, painfully, parting his hands to the cold, unheated cushions behind me, pinning me down as I struggled to find my normal breathing pace. His breathing wasn't as steady himself. I was too exhausted to yell for him to get the hell off me.

He looked down at me than to his watch, his expression went pained. "I've got to go," he forced out when he was off of me. I almost felt aggrieved from the lost of weight.

"You're leaving." It wasn't a question, more of an accusation.

"I'll be back in an hour." He said this as if it would make me feel better. It didn't. Dammit, I wanted to be against him again.

I sighed, blowing bits of hair from my face and patting at the untamed structure that lined my face. "Let me guess. School work, right?"

His face looked pallor with unease. "No."

"Job work?"


Now I was getting nervous. We've been together for months and I still couldn't mingle my insecurity. Good thing Jesse was looking for his keys at the time because he would have indeed notice. Frustrated, I struggle to my feet, baring my irritations from this situation inside. "Then what is it then?" I glowered with my hands on my hips. "You invite me over here to leave me." My voice stretched louder, following behind him as he left the room down the hall.

"I didn't invite you," he confided when he re-entered the room. "You surprised me just like always." He wasn't trying to be mean; it was just how he was. Jesse was known for roughing up the mood. Not taking it to the heart was a useless task to fulfill, by now I was use to Jesse's jackass exterior. "And how did you get over here without the geezers?" I rolled my eyes, and he asks me this now? I ignored him.

Filling like an old worried mother, I clamped my hands to my waist. "Just tell me Jesse so I want torture myself worrying about you."

"I like you worried, because I'm the only one you're thinking about," and with that he left. The nerve of him; if he thought I was going to sit here staring at that stupid with galleons of thoughts covering him he was entirely WRONG.

Instead I went to lie on his bed, like the perve I am. Hey, like he wouldn't do it to me. Frowning I rolled on my back from the thought. Hopefully he wouldn't, it was okay when a girl did but a guy is just odd...stalkerish even. Can you say 'ew'?

Jesse's bed reminded me of those hard army beds that probably hadn't cost more than twenty dollars for him to spend sleepless nights on. I staggered to my feet glancing at the phone on the nightstand, yep that ruined the moment.

I am not staying here to think about him sleeping naked on this bed all night. No way; that's why I dialed down my latest pal. "Hello the D-man, what are you up to?"


"You brought me here to help you look for furniture for the guy I hate more than anything? That sounds pretty ironic if you ask me."

Hello isn't someone being a little dramatic? I plowed through the buckets of curtains, detaching silk from velvet to a mystery fabric that made my fingers feel sticky. "Yes David," I finally said "and don't get cocky because if Elana wasn't in Iowa on that Art tour with her mom..."

David rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't burst my bubble," he cut in.

I displayed two suave blue fabrics. "Which one you like?"

His eyes calculated between the two of them until he simply shrugged, "I don't know...that one I guess," he said pointing to the one outline in gold.

I observed the chosen one. Damn, I actually had liked that one, and stuffed it back in the bucket. "Awesome we'll get this one. Isn't this fun?" We moved down towards the furniture. Sure, with my own money I can barley by a Kit Kat but at Wall-mart we can by the whole store with the cash in our pockets.

"Right if you say so and I chose the other one."

"Yea I know," I said testing a cushion chair with my butt, "but Jesse hates everything you like."

He looked offended and I couldn't figure out why. "Gee thanks."

"Come on, you know it's true," I replied lightly, scoping out the price tag on a set of chairs. Immediately I moved from them. Maybe I can't buy everything in Wall-mart with the cash in my pocket. David laughed at my bewilderment. Hello two hundred dollars for one freakin' chair was ridiculous! We should have went to K-mart, they at least had pizza.

As we walked past the jewelry his voice suddenly lowered as customers past us by, "That's not true..."


He shifted a little, looking nervous—which was an awkward site coming from Mr. Pride And Fabulous. Although I had to admit he has changed a lot from last year…in some ways.

"If Jesse hated everything I liked," he continued slowly, "he would hate you with every fiber in his fucked up soul." He didn't look at me but it didn't take a thermometer to detect the steam coming from his ears.

My face flushed, I didn't know how to reply to that so I just said, "Hahaha...that's funny. Oh look towels are for sale, come on."

Dashing to the shelves of towels David followed moodily. I was starting to think it was a bad idea to have ever invited him. Besides if Jesse knew about this...

Really, it wasn't like I attempted to keep our friendship a secret...just kept it to the distinct. No way did we need to get in an argument over this; it wasn't worth it.

"Why can't you open your eyes," he pressed, fingers biting into the shelf metal as he hovered over me, while I scouted through towels for a distraction. I sighed; it hadn't worked. "David can we not do this now. Let it go."

"Jesse is an asshole."

"Maybe, but he's my asshole," I corrected and shook my head tactfully. "Besides you don't really know him anyways."

He laughed coldly at that. "Don't be stupid Stacie I know him well enough. Actually, how well do you know him? Does he honestly tell you everything?"

"Of course he does," was my automatic answer as my brain blocked out this afternoon's incident.

He saw the lack of confidence and leaped on it as if it was a scared turtle re-entering his shell. "I thought you were over this David," I went on. "That was so last year! You hadn't even liked me then and please don't try to lie it was obvious."

For some reason he couldn't look at me while he spoke, "Well I didn't then but now..." I watched him awkwardly fidget with his hands, and noticed that he never really admitted his admiration while having it to be true.

Again, I was at a lost with words. "Dave..." Why did he have to do this in Wall-mart when we were supposed to be searching for cheap furniture? Was it selfish for me to invite him?

When his dark eyes connectedly with mines I knew he meant it and I couldn't say anything that could make him feel any better. Blushing, he looked away taking the silence for what it was. "Forget about it then, when he leaves you..."

"—He won't."

"I'll be there."

Anger rushed through my veins transfusing at every part of my body as I through back a set of towels, my teeth piercing against my bottom lip. I was too upset to even look at him. Watching him lean against that rack with a look implying how utterly miserable he was started to piss me off. "Why don't you just go home David I see now it was a mistake to have invite you." The words felt cold to my own ears.

"You can't fight the truth Stacie..."

Turning on my heel I added, "Goodbye David."

When I made it back to the apartment Jesse wasn't home, as I planned. I settled myself towards the redecorating and cleaning, fastening curtains to walls, racking up fresh towels, then to waste time I swept down the spotless floors.

Bored, I fell back against the couch re-examining my work. Well you couldn't say it lacked color. With my stomach growling I made way up towards the kitchen and peeped in the fridge. Dissatisfied, I slammed the door shut and snatched up the phone from the hook to order pizza.

That boy was burning a whole in my pocket.

"With pepperoni," I shouted over the receiver practically eating the phone with the closeness to the apparently deaf vendor of the Pizza Hut Company. "Yes I want pepperoni," I stated again impatiently.

"Stacie!" came the extremely childish holler from the front door. He found me in the kitchen hanging up the phone; I guess he figured out that I wasn't setting out to look for him. "What did you do to my place?"

I rolled my eyes at his heart-shattered face. "It looks better," I approved, moving to hug him; he stiffened not bothering to join in on this reunion. I never know the full impact from the loss of him until he returns. Nuzzling my head into his neck the scent of him defused over my tongue. Soap never tasted so good. "I love you." My whispers in his ear made him stop, while I longed desperately for him to mimic the words back to me and mean it.

Instead he said nervously as his finger dipped in the slit of his pocket, "I have something for you." Achingly I tried to bypass the pain as I looked up into his dark eyes. He looked away, which only made me smile. Tough guy is afraid of commitment.

Loosening my arms from his waist I stepped back, watching his hand pull out a small cubed gray box. "Hmm? You bought something for your fly girlfriend?"

"No," he answered seriously, fidgeting with the box in his hand. "I bought something for my girlfriend." Suddenly, he tossed it to me. Luckily my reflexes forced it in my grasp because it was a second away from my nose.

"I didn't want to get you something big because it wouldn't mean as much," he confessed as I popped it open and grinned up at it when honestly I couldn't see what he was fretting about. Oh so this is where he's been; David's theory blew out the window. He knew me to well to have not understood my expression, "It's for the key to our place…that is if you want to move in."

"Jesse," I whispered unable to detach myself from the light silver kitten key chain that prickled my fingertips, "it's so sweet. I—" Cupping his soft cheek I laid a weightless kiss against the skin, wiping a hand up his chest with the chain clinging between my fingers. "I love i—," I stopped thinking better of my words, "you."

Befuddled as my mouth strongly crushed against his and my arms selfishly convolved over his firm muscles, he parted suddenly from me, stroking at his bottom lip in a state of confusion afterwards. "Stacie," he whispered oddly desperately inhaling in air.

"D—don't do that I can't handle it," he confessed. "I might go too far."

My tongue graced my lips, and I said, avoiding all eye contact towards the empty tossed box at the floor, "I might want you to."

It was like the proprietors of the heaven paused time and set it for slow motion. "You're ready?" he asked in disbelief.

"Not today," I answered quickly leaning against the center counter. "Mom's expecting me home by ten." As his face fell I suddenly feared that I ruined the moment. Flopping his hair I asked with a pout, "Are you mad at me?"

The funny look he gave me, as his dark eyes rose in unison with his eyebrows made my lips ruck. Oh he didn't know what those small looks did to me… "No," he finally said. "I mean I can't be mad at you…except for demolishing my place."

His eyes trailed over the counter. "Honestly do we have to keep the cat plates?"

Walking over to touch the stainless, plastic kitten plates I swept invisible dust with a long exhale tiring my lungs. These plates were obviously bought for a distraction as I said inflexibly, "You were the one on the couch curled up drooling with this so called demon."

Keeping his silence, he took my hand from the counter and stroked each knuckle bone softly with his eyes tracing the pattern then finally said, "Stacie, hopefully your not idiotic to think…that I feel any different for you then you do for me." His voice was between a whisper and clear silence; he kept his coherence down on my hand as if focusing his every being to avoid me.

Confused, I said, "Well you better—" Then it clicked. A smile so wide spread its way upon my mouth I had to brush him away to resist looking like an idiot. "That's real sweet Jesse, in your I Can't Express My Feelings kind of way." I was ranting and I knew it but couldn't help but keep going. Jesse admitted he loved me.

The thought clutched my stomach with further anticipation.

He shrugged simply and rolled his eyes as if he didn't care. "Whatever."

I tugged him towards the doorway by his shirt ignoring his bickering pleas not to. "Come on I ordered pizza, and we're going to wait in the lobby if I have to throw you over my shoulders to do so."

His feet suddenly slowed before the threshold and he halted in a daze, examining me with mock wonder. "Wait, wait, wait you'll do that, and for free? Gee golly my kinkiness is exploding of the radar!"

Gritting my teeth I sought to catch him. "Shut up"

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