Alive and Well

Candle again glows

Taking the Time to give Praise

Thanksgiving… my thots!

Wow Man you made it

Made it through this Storm of Life

Your journey is long

You have miles to go

Unsettling…can imagine

One day home again

Go in peacefulness

Through worst you already came

A New Day…Dawning

This is a follow up writing to "New Orleans in Flood." What prompted this writing was a letter received that follows:

"My dear friends , Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am sure that many of you are concerned about me in particular and all the victims in general. First of all I am not in the New Orleans Area and probably won't be returning there until at least January. Out community got through the storm as best we could, on Sunday night we stayed in the top floor of the new school building which shook every time the strong wind blew. On Tuesday morning we decided finally to ivacuate and that morning we drove to Lafayett, Louisiana where we were able to get a room, but it wasn't easy. On Wednesday we moved on to Monroe, Louisiana where we spent the night on on Thursday we drove on to Bermingham, Alabama where I am at present. On this coming Tuesday I will be going to our Boys and Girls Club in Columbus, Ohio where I will probably spend the rest of this calandar year. There was some damage done at our school in Marrero, Louisiana where I've been for 12 years now, also we had quite a bit of damage at our two Catholic parishes near by. Alltogether I figure there is over a million dollars in damages but churches and school buildings can be replaced where lives can't. As soon as I can I will send another Email message from omy new place in Columbus, Ohio. Thankyou all for your concern and also your prayers especially God Bless you all and much Christian Love.

Bro. Joe Tortorici"