The ethereal voice soared up into the domed heights and rebounded, echoing back the bittersweet notes of the song. Her body sheathed in a cloth as faint as winter's first frost, a fair lady stood below looking as if she belonged up above. Long eyelashes curled on her pale cheeks, her face was a placid lake of serenity; her white lips opened earnestly to release the emotions so deeply felt in the song and perhaps halt the ballad from shattering her. As her final rising note graced the rafters, her somber lips closed, and her eyelids opened to reveal two snowy orbs with a single crystalline tear frozen on the edge. The woman slowly began to fade until only the tear drop remained, and it fell quietly onto the cold marble of the grave. Where the drop kissed the stone, a single white aster began to bloom, as pale and beautiful as the fading maiden.