Just drop the subject.
Leave it out,
can't you see im crying?
Can't you hear my screams?
Just walk away, and let them lie.
Can you see my heart is dying?
Can you hear my breath is fading?
Please go away,
Leave it till another day.
My knees are scraped from begging,
my hands sore from pleading.
Drop the subjects please
just leave it out.
Drop the subject,
Leave it alone.

Stop the constant pain,

Jump from the conversations

That leave your heart sprung with leaks.

Hold on till one day it improves

You will regret everything you ever thought.

Can't you see these tears?

Can't you hear these screams?

Can you see the blood that is pouring?

Just turn your back on them

Don't listen to the words.

They are put there just to hurt you

Don't go down without a fight