The Crying Game

No amount of gold

Can undo what you have done

Do not shower me with applause or bouquets of roses

I am not an actor

I am not your little girl

I am just living

Feeding my addiction

To the sorrow within

I do every thing I can

To make me cry

I swear they put heroin

In those tissue boxes

I do not destroy myself on purpose

I just facilitate destruction

That way I can enter the needle of escapism

So I can, will, and always run away

So what have you done

To make me feel this way

Are you too afraid to examine yourself?

But then again you did nothing

And that is the omission in your little black book

But I am suffering now

Because I can't cry

I cause pain to myself

And not a tear rolls down my cheek

I hurt everyone around me

Just so I can feel the softness of a tissue

Or the gentleness of your hand

I pray and yearn for everything to pour out

But my well is dried up

All the tearful times in my life

Have taken my river life

Sad songs do nothing but help me absorb more sadness

And weight

With no way to escape

All I know

Is for once in my life

Blood is tempting me

To replace my water

With the plagued Nile river

I want out

Of my own little game

I do not want to bleed myself

Nor leeches to

Absorb what I leave behind

But what other solution is there

But to wait until I break?

Its time for me to say goodbye

But do not wait up for me honey

The rain will be all it takes to get me to


Cry when you find my body in a gutter

With not an ounce of blood left in me

The sewer was vampiric

And sucked me dry

The same fate is only for the same doomed

Go home and read this

My rules to the real

Crying Game