Creativity; how all things are born in the universe.

Imagination; how all creations are thought of.

These are just two of the main sources of all creations. There is a game where people's imaginations and desires are placed onto simple gaming cards with small bits of their powers. This game is called 'Duel Worlds'.


Duel Worlds

Episode 1 – Awaken your powers, KH


Seeing a lot of the popular foods and vacation spots in the world suspended in midair, a young man stood there looking at them all… he looked absolutely miserable! He sighed, "This has got to be a dream."

He's dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of white pants. He seems almost kind of average in every sense of the word for someone his age. He placed his most of his unruly black hair into a ponytail on the back of his head, while he dyed some of his leftover long bangs blue. His name is Kuro-Horo Utamaru (but people usually call him KH or Kay, since each part of his name is really long); he lives in Boston, Massachusetts, for most of his life.

Then he heard phantasmal voices calling out at him saying things like, "Kay, wake up!" "Tomorrow's the big day, don't you want to get ready?" and a whole lot of stuff like that as the humanly treats disappear from his point of view. And everything went black…

He then screams out loud, "I WANT MORE THAN A DAMN VACATION!!!"

A voice from beside him gently and calmly said to him, "KH." KH quickly turned to the voice and shouted, "WHAT––" then realizes he was also yelling at one of his friends; Ray Makido, then gently finishes his response, "Ray?"

Ray Makido is more relaxed than KH and a lot cooler. He's got blonde hair and it's in a ponytail that reaches down to his shoulder blades. He's got such a calm attitude and is much a very mellow dude. He's dressed in a white muscle shirt, blue cargo pants, red sneakers, and he has a green headset around his neck.

Ray told KH, "What are you doing to your aunt?" Kuro-Horo realizes nervously, "Would she be the professor in this class?" He found himself on top of a woman above all their age (somewhere in her late twenties), she seems to be the most top-heavy amongst any mature woman in the classroom (G-cup), and has messy long brown hair, but still very pretty. She is KH's Aunt Helen Utamaru (although he always referred to her as 'Helen' much to her dislike, so she calls him 'Nephew-boy' so she could get him to call her 'Aunt Helen')!

KH nervously blushes, "Well… what do ya know? A dream." Helen blushes, "Nephew-boy, you're cute but you ain't that cute, we're related by blood, and besides I'm too old for you." KH is very sorry, but gets in a little trouble with the other students anyway. "How embarrassing!"

It is the year 2018… the world has evolved in a few various ways. The trading card game of Duel Worlds has become quite popular; people's imaginations and creations (even from other people) are placed to see whose interests and strengths are the strongest.

A familiar pair of male voices struck KH's cords of memory, "Brother!" KH turned his head to find to young men about his age; one who is a little shorter than KH and the other is taller.

The shorter Duelist has a muscular build, a gentle expression on his face, and medium-sized and length black hair with brown bangs. He is dressed in a blue jacket with white stripes, square-shaped glow-in-the-dark green-rimmed goggles with copper-colored lenses (like an astronaut's helmet's visor), a golden-yellow mechanical belt (like Batman's), white fingerless carpenter gloves, a pair of purple slacks, and white sneakers. His name is Yomato Kyôyama; also known as Matt.

The taller Duelist has black bangs over his forehead that stretched to the sides, the rest of his hair's body is a thick white mane, and his body is well-built and strong. He's dressed in an opened yellow vest, a yellow muscle shirt, white shorts, black shoes, and a double-color sided tinting sunglasses. His name is Komatsu Bokuto; also known as Koe.

These four young men have been the best of friends for a long time (all four of them are at least 15 years old). Matt, Koe, and Kuro-Horo have known each other since kindergarten.

Kay loves the game of Duel Worlds so much, he was inspired to be a great Duelist since childhood, but he was too timid to play and he was never much a joyful mood sometimes much. He's lost his mother a year after she gave birth to him. A year later, his father decided to marry again. His stepmother was nice, but only seemed more interested in his father. Then depression deepened within KH; when he turned 10, his father was shot when he tried to defend the law! As he watched in sadness as his stepmother married another man… that depression turned for the worse! When he turned 13, as he found some old childhood stuff under his bed, he remembered his desire for the game of Duel Worlds, but he gets much confidence in his abilities or even played the game himself.

Koe was looked upon as a freak of nature. But the only ones who didn't do so are KH, Matt, and a sweet nun of a local church; her name is Sister Sarah-Catherine Wingates. She saw through his true appearance–– three vertical blue stripes on the right cheek and three mostly horizontal claw mark scars on the other. His right eye is a normal gentle blue color while his left eye is a fierce red color. In his youth, he was regarded to the local kids as a half-demon. So he had no choice but to run away. Who in the entire city would even care if he were truly a freak by a birth defect? No one, that's who, that's what he always thought until he met the nun of the local church. She usually gives him good advice on some things, he was encouraged to stand up for himself and other people like him, even those who see people differently like her. With a renewed soul, he has learned to ignore what other people thought about himself and later met up with Matt at the local comic/game/hobby shop, he was used to people with strange looks because he reads comic books and stuff. Soon, the church was burnt by a bunch of thugs… poor Sarah was gone with the church! Koe wasn't there when he was supposed to! Then he decided to get revenge; he tracked those jerks down and mercilessly murdered them with a lead pipe. Then at that very young age he was arrested for it. And he was charged for a four years in prison. He has fought with other inmates of those detention centers he's been in. He has suffered solitary confinement in a straitjacket after fights. It took him about a few years but who rescued him? It was Matt, he paid for Koe's release, and they let him go. Koe stayed with him ever since.

Matt's family's been a big fan club to stuff like superheroes and stuff like that for more than 4 generations; including Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, etc. He is filthy rich if you ask him. He was different back then than he looks today; he was so fat, when he tried to look at his feet, he only saw the tip of his stomach. Koe wanted Matt to be more like the superheroes and forced him to get in shape, it took about three months, but it was all worth it: Matt become strong and built the right way. His family was pleased of the both of them. Matt's goggles were a gift from his dad when he died, he suffered leukemia for about six years, and then he died. That was after Koe's tragedy. Koe and he worked in a comic shop, even though Matt had more money, he still wanted some to support Koe.

Ray Makido just became friends with these dudes because he was alone and decided to be alone with these three, even though he seems to have a carefree and happy life. Between the four of them: he's the champion of Duel Worlds, KH is the chump who never played the game in his entire life, Matt's the timid one, and Koe's the jerky loser.

Later, the four friends have lunch talking about college SAT's at a McDonald's restaurant––

Matt sweat-drops as he bit into his 5th cheeseburger, "Darn you, Brother Kay; what kind of neutral dude would fall asleep like that?" Koe laughed, "I bet they won't even let you into the University of Chicago." Kuro-Horo sighs, "So, I'm not going to college or a university." and bit into his honeymoon salad. All three of the others exclaimed, "HUH?" Matt asked, "Why not, brother?" Kuro-Horo lays his head on the table and groans, "What if it gets worse from there than better?"

Ray asks KH out, "Haven't you consulted your life about this?" KH twitches, "Just a little bit. What do you mean by all that exactly?" Matt said, "My old man never went to a university, he just took three years of college and decided to work in a hobby shop, now my mom's the president of the whole comic book and manga marketing of the world." Koe slyly remarks, "That's because he's a child at heart and KH is so lame, he won't see the bright side of life."

Ray said, "Come on, we have different lives: I'm a Duel Worlds world champion of the year, KH is liable to be celebrity worrywart angst puppy of the year, Koe's a perverted ass of all definitions, and Matt's a kindhearted comic book geek. I want your lives to be happier than this, that's why I joined you as a friend." Koe quietly growled at Ray, "Are you really a best friend of ours?" Ray smiles, "I think I am."

Kuro-Horo looked out the window, as if looking into space. Matt asked him, "What do you plan on doing, brother?" KH sighs, "Didn't you hear me scream today in class?" Matt politely chuckles, "Well, you fell asleep after doing the senior finals with us. You lovely aunt, Pr. Utamaru has been trying to get you to wake up for about an entire hour, but you were sleeping like a log or paperclip. What's more fun than a darn vacation, brother?" Kuro-Horo groans, "Something like… going on an adventure… something like the ones Indiana Jones, or Alan Quartermain, or someone like those guys would take."

Matt shrugged, "How about going to Pamplona and we'd go for the Running of the Bulls?" KH twitches nervously and scoffs, "And get a pair of new sphincters for me? No way!" Matt rubs his left temple with his trigger finger, "Take a dive to look inside a sunken Spanish galleon?" Koe listens on this and cringes, "I'm sure that the squids and sharks would love to pick us from their mouths." Matt sighs, "Egypt?" KH sighs, "Lara Croft is right about that place: nothing but pyramids and sand." Koe agrees, "And it gets through the cracks."

Kuro-Horo slyly asked Koe, "What about you? What do you plan to do, now that we're done with the 8th grade?" Koe grins, "Maybe go out, find a chick or two who'd love a good time, get it on, and hump all our brains out."

KH groans his deepest and decides to lecture his friends, "Value this time in your life, dudes; because this is the time in your life when you still have your choices, and it goes by so quickly. When you're a kid you think you can do anything. When you're a teenager you start to think you can do anything you want and can do without a catch, and you do. Your twenties are a blur. Your thirties, you raise your family, you make a little money, and you think to yourself, "What on Earth happened to my twenties?" Your forties, you grow a little potbelly you grow another chin. The music starts to get too loud and one of your old girlfriends from high school becomes a grandmother. Your fifties you have a minor surgery. You'll call it a procedure, but it's a surgery. Your sixties you have a major surgery, the music is still loud but it doesn't matter because you couldn't hear it anyway. Seventies, you, and the wife retire to a home for the elderly and decrepit, you start eating dinner at two, lunch around ten, breakfast the night before. And you spend most of your time wandering around malls looking for the ultimate in soft yogurt and muttering, "how come the kids don't call?" By your eighties, you've had a major stroke, and you end up babbling to some Jamaican nurse whom your wife can't stand but whom you call mama. If you're lucky, your nineties begin to hurt worst of all, and you just wish you could relive your life again but you know you're going to die. Any questions?"

Koe asked, "Who taught you that?" Kuro-Horo groans, "My stepfather, he got it from a quote from a film called 'City Slickers'. And, you know what? He's right."

Ray suggests, "Maybe it's time for you guys to play Duel Worlds. Who knows? You may possess the gift that surpasses me." Koe scoffs, "And who's going to be our teacher? You?" Ray says, "No, Mrs. Helen Utamaru." Matt asks, "The young and beautiful aunt of Brother KH?" KH asks, "Why, Ray?"

Ray said to KH, "This mature babe, Helen Utamaru, is a true duelist; one of the last real elite of humanity. She's a wild legend, a unicorn of the great forest. Next to her, we're trained ponies of civilization. It'll do you all good to be in her world of Duel Worlds for a while."

Helen approaches them from behind KH, who says to his friends, "Do us good? Haven't you guys seen her? The woman kicks the ass of 50 opponents in 25 different challenges at once! And did you notice her eyes? She has crazy childlike eyes. She's a brat! You're actually going ask mature brat to give the three of us Duel Worlds instructions, techniques, and decks!" KH notices everyone's terrified faces as Helen is standing directly behind him. He asks them, "She's behind me, isn't she?"

Nervously his friends nod in unison to him. KH turns to face the seemingly peaceful face of his aunt… he gulped in fear at the sight of it! Helen said to the other boys, "I'll pay the bill for you boys. All you have to do is come to the Duel Center within two hours." Koe, Matt, and Ray said in unison, "Thank you."

KH was afraid. He quickly defends, "None of that was directed at you, Helen." She scoffs, "I pull wool over people's eyes better than you." As she left, he quickly said to himself, "She's going to kill me."

Kuro-Horo walked onto the streets feeling down about him complaining about his aunt to his friends when she was behind him without him knowing. She's more than likely to try to straighten him out by playing Duel Worlds, but his stepparents talked him away from playing that card game, saying the whole world will blow up by the moment he wins the first Duel Worlds match he'll be in.

Then just overhead, he saw a wondrous sight, a metallic green dragon with gold-silver framings! It's flying towards the local museum, worried that it may attack the building with some kind of weapon it has built into it, KH went after it to try to warn the museum's people so they could be safe!

As he got there, the mechanical dragon landed in the back of the tan-colored stone columned building. Some fiery orange jet fins trail in a row along its back. The head of the 'dragon' has a green-tinted windshield cockpit on it, as if it's a new jet design of some sort! The large wings have marks that look like 'CED-EOTE-1'.

To KH's utter surprise, the windshield opened to reveal a mature man slightly taller than KH but somehow has an exact likeness to him! The only exceptions on this mystery man is that he is wearing a clean white laboratory coat and underneath that he seems to be wearing a mechanical belt of some kind. Kuro-Horo was too frightened to get closer to find out who he is…

"Hey, KH! What are you doing here instead of at the Dueling Center?"

KH jumps and finds his friends standing behind him. Matt looks ahead and gasps, "Wow! A Chaos Emperor Dragon Envoy of the End class flight craft!" Koe was amazed, "Whoever flew it must own it and be an experienced pilot." KH pointed to the mature man who looks like him! Ray seems to know him, "That's Samuel Nielson, an even bigger Duel Worlds legend than your aunt, KH. You'll know people a lot better if you played the game. It is said he's one of the best ever, not even your aunt could defeat him!" KH scoffs, "Yeah, right. And I'm the pope of Rome."

"May I have some of your respects of your honors, father?"

They all jumped! It's Sam Neilson, up close to them! KH was scared the most, "How were you able to get from down there to here?" Sam smiled, "The buffoons and cowards at the museum won't take things that are cursed or items with power, so I'm reported to bring out a case filled with copies of the artifacts I brought. Nothing bad happened to me, and I believe in magic."

Kuro-Horo gulped, "A whole world full of people and today I'm meeting freaks with the unnatural talents to do things that are not good for me to analyze with my common sense. I'm going to pay for my part of the bill at the fast food joint, go home, and go to sleep without any dinner." Then he realizes, "I'm going to skip ahead towards the 'pay the bill' part!" then he zooms off!

As his friends and that Sam Nielson vanishes from his point of view, a white light illuminates from out of nowhere and he finds himself in a strange world. The landscape was smooth and appeared to be made of tan-colored sandstone and sand. The sky is as clear as daylight and blue.

To make sure he's not dreaming, he pinches himself! It hurts, but not enough! He goes as far as biting his arm! "This hurts too much to be a dream!" he said to himself, "I can deal with those sudden weirdoes gone, but I don't see a mall, movie theater, comic shop, restaurant, hotel, or anything of the such anywhere; what a nightmare: without a bit of civilization anywhere, damn it!" Then he sweat-drops, "HOLD ON; THAT'S ALL MATT & KOE EVER THINK ABOUT! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'D STOOP TO THAT!" He quickly turns with closed eyes, "THERE'S NO SIGNS OF LIFE ANYWHERE! WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO?"

Suddenly the earth shook beneath him and he noticed he was on something of grey metallic clockwork design of some sort, he looked around and found himself staring into a single red glowing eye of some sort of mechanical automaton with a gigantic ancient Roman soldier's helmet on! He looked around to discover he's sitting on the right shoulder of a gigantic mechanical humanoid monster that could easily flatten him like a pancake!

Kay just sat there, dumfounded, "Another setup by another set of weirdoes?"

A mechanical voice shouted at him, "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU, STUPID? WE ARE ANCIENT MECHANICAL DESTRUCTOR MONSTERS!" Kay looked down to see smaller versions of the one whose shoulder he's sitting on. That's when he realized he shouldn't be there! He ran away as far as he could but realized he may as well be dead anyways, since he fell in midair!

When he expected everything to go black… he slowly opened his eye to see himself in the hands of a small person!

This little man is dressed in green and brownish light but cool-looking clothes appeared! He was plenty cool as he could be. His hair is medium-length and red-brown. Being young and strong, he stands about 3'1" or so, with a stout (but well-defined) muscular figure, and a face more "cool" than gentle. His beautiful light-green eyes are hidden behind the square dark emerald-lenses shades or sunglasses. Parts of his clothes are covered with bits of hardened clay or stone, strong plates of metal, small planks of wood, etc. for armor to cover his clothes. A silvery sword-like talisman on a necklace with a prismatic crystal eye at the center of the 'hilt' like a crucifix hangs around his neck. Over his had is a leaf-green and sand-tan hood and face-cover that only reveals his eyes. One thing's for sure, he's on KH's side!

"Stop it now!" said the little man to the giant robots. The biggest of all of them mechanically laughed, "What are you going to do? Knock my block off?"

The small man placed KH safely on the ground, placed his left hand's palm onto the ground and slowly rose it from the ground… and along with it from the ground came a large metallic pole and along with that pole came an emerald-colored rectangular crystalline block with a glowing perfect triangle with a straight horizontal line across it on both sides; a huge hammer.

The little fighter who saved KH from the fall wielded the hammer and bashed it into the head of the giant robot, literally knocking his block off! The onslaught against him continued as they all gained up on him… yet he came out… triumphant and unharmed!

KH came up to him to thank the little warrior for helping him out, "Thanks, dude!" The warrior replied, "I am Clay Oakhurst the Quartz Star, a Soul Paladin representing the earth element. And you're welcome… Kuro-Horo Utamaru."

KH was confused, "HUH? How do you know my name?" Clay smiled, "We Soul Paladins have always existed inside you since the day you were born. You should have more faith in yourself, an item similar to my Soul Crucifix around my neck has just appeared around your neck. And your deck will come to you when you go back home."

Kuro-Horo Utamaru asks, "Soul Paladins?"

Clay explained, "Creatures who put their differences aside to help protect the universe as much as they can, those are Soul Paladins, and some am I. We come in 6 different categories; four for the classical four elements and two for the light and dark sides of Yin and Yang representing balance in the universe. The most powerful of us are the Divine forces."

KH guesses, "Am I in some dimension where Duel Worlds monsters exist as real creatures?" Clay adds in, "And we Soul Paladins are the physical manifestations of your soul." KH understood, "And you came along from within me to rescue me because I knew I couldn't take on these mechanical morons." Clay nods, "Exactly, Master Kuro-Horo."

KH noticed he was glowing again! FLASH! He found himself in his world again, but this time with a silvery sword-like talisman on a necklace with a prismatic crystal eye at the center of the 'hilt' like a crucifix, just like the one Clay has, around his neck! He suddenly remembered his grandparents telling him stories of people called Soul Paladins who protect the universe, just as Clay told him!

KH's senses told him to go to Matt's hobby shop and go by some booster packs on the game of Duel Worlds, and he did so. To his surprise he found a whole stack of cards relating to the Soul Paladins, including Clay Oakhurst!

KH always knew where the Duel Center is, it's just that it's so popular that it's hard to get there through all the crowds of people; it's mostly Duelists who want to go up against each other. He managed to get there right through the crowds and into the gargantuan-sized dome-shaped building with the six-colored pentacle on top.

Finally, Kuro-Horo is facing his aunt Helen at the Duel Center with courage, ready to duel her! She placed on Kuro-Horo a wrist-worn device with golden claw-like horns onto his left wrist that tells him his Mana Points and his Life Points connected to another device worn on him as a belt that has card slots for the cards to play. Another belt is on the device to be worn over the left shoulder, with a single solitary card-holding unit, it has DG (for 'Deck Guardian') within it.

Helen laughs, "This should be fun; you coming along and facing off against me, nephew-boy. This will put a lovely feather in my cap. Your friends, Koe and Matt weren't so lucky though." Kay calmly said, "Better watch it before I pluck all those feathers." Helen notices, "You've become feisty now. I bet you went and built yourself a deck as quickly as possible before coming here."


Kuro-Horo Utamaru: 20,000 LP/20,000 MP

Helen Utamaru: 20,000 LP/20,000 MP


Helen rolls a 6-sided die, which was from a pocket on her lower belt device, for her starting hand and it lands on a six; meaning she has to start the game with six cards in her hand. KH rolls a four, so he starts off with four cards in hand. The first one to play will have to be KH because he has the smallest hand.

Before anyone could start the game, they have to choose a Deck Guardian to support them and represent them––

(Card's name; species-gender-subtype-card type-element/L: monster's Level/AS: monster's Attack Strength/DS: monster's Defense Strength/HP: monster's Hit Points/MP: monster's Mana Power/Strength: 1-to-5 measurement of strength/Speed: 1-to-5 measurement of speed/R: card's age rating/physical size)

Helen's Deck Guardian is a white and red dressed ice skater monster with long silky bushy brunette hair and a long ribbon levitating around her wrists. Half-tutus rested on her hips while a partial golden belt rests around her waist. (Cyber Dancer; cyborg human dancer-female-warrior-monster-Earth/L: 2/AS: 1200/DS: 1600/HP: 1000/MP: 2200/Strength: 1/Speed: 4/R: PG-13/5' 7", 105 lbs.)

KH's Deck Guardian is a handsome fiery-haired young male Soul Paladin in clothes of mostly red cloths and metals! (Soul Paladin Mikey Solar the Flare Knight; salamander-human hybrid-male-warrior-monster-Fire/L: 4/AS: 2600/DS: 1400/HP: 2000/MP: 2000/Strength: 4/Speed: 5/R: G/5' 11", 125 lbs.)

Everyone, except Kuro-Horo, was all standing there dumbfounded.

KH was confused, "What's going on here?" Helen exclaims, "How could you get a Soul Paladin so quickly? In fact how'd you get one, nephew-boy?" KH sweat-drops, "I got them in a few booster packs just like everyone else." Helen said, "Nobody in history ever possesses a single Soul Paladin card in his or her deck, you have got to be the first!"

KH starts his turn, "Since the player cannot attack the first turn, I'll go on the defensives. By bringing forth one of my Soul Paladins; Clay Oakhurst the Quartz Star!" The monster appeared. (Soul Paladin Clay Oakhurst the Quartz Star; gnome-dwarf hybrid-male-warrior-monster-Earth/L: 4/AS: 1000/DS: 2000/HP: 3000/MP: 2000/Strength: 5/Speed: 2/R: G/3' 1", 165 lbs.) He stood proudly ready for any attack coming at him!

Helen said, "Don't forget, nephew-boy; every time we normally summon a monster, a Duelist must pay 1000 Mana Points for each level of that monster." (KH: 20,000 LP/16,000 MP) "But that Duelist does get summon an additional one each turn that passes and we can recover 5,000 Mana Points each turn. Use them wisely! My turn!"

She looks at her hand and shouts, "I summon Dangerous Dancer Dame to attack ya!" A scantily clad woman in a blood-red dress who looks like she belongs at some gambling club appeared next to Helen. (Dangerous Dancer Dame; human dancer-female-warrior-monster-Earth/L: 3/AS: 1500/DS: 1500/HP: 1500/MP: 1500/Strength: 2/Speed: 3/R: R/5' 10", 120 lbs.) (Helen: 20,000 LP/17,000 MP)

The dancer monster charged against KH! KH wasn't afraid, "No way, Clay's on the field to protect me!" The little warrior stood up to the dancer! Helen interjected, "He's one point short on speed, she will attack you directly!" But Clay took a kick on with full force, not KH! Clay's earth elemental items based armoring repelled the kick! (Dangerous Dancer Dame; HP: 1000 (Clay's DS: 2000 –Dame's AS: 1500 500 points damage to Dame's Hit Points))

Helen looked confused, "What happened?" KH smirked, "You've forgotten to flip a coin to check if the direct attack attempt was going to work, if it had, I'd only receive 750 points of damage to my Life Points since it was a monster attack." Helen remembers, "Oh yeah; Dangerous Dancer Dame's ability known as Direct Damage Dance Jump Kick wouldn't work unless I flipped a coin and called 'heads' or 'tails'!"

Then she laughed, "Yeah, right! I was aiming to damage her Hit Points on purpose so I could play this Magic Spell called Laughter of Insane Power." (Laughter of Insane Power; magic spell/R: PG-13) "It permanently makes my monster twice as powerful than before, as long as she's alive. It can only be activated if she takes damage." Dangerous Dancing Dame laughs insanely! (Dame's stats; L: 6/AS: 3000/DS: 3000/HP: 2000/MP: 3000)

KH didn't flinch; he just started his turn immediately. (KH: 20,000 LP/21,000 MP) "I bring Mikey Solar the Flare Knight to the field!" The Soul Paladin of the fire element stepped forward. "Since I brought him forth into the game, I don't lose any Life or Mana Points, just gain them, because I am him and he is me; we are one within this game!" (22,000 LP/23,000 MP)

Kuro-Horo's talisman's prismatic eye glowed a bright red color! To everyone else's surprise, his hair turned a bright red like it was blood and the expression on his face changed into an expression of extreme and fiery confidence!

Then he spoke in a hot-blooded voice, "Then I summon Soul Paladin Sylphy Windy the Topaz Wing!" A lady in bright yellow, golden, and brownish light but lovely armor appeared! She was plenty pretty as beautiful girls can go. Her hair is long and golden-blonde; goes right to her hips. Being young and strong, she stands about 5'4" or so, with a trim (but well-endowed, or, at least, gravity-defying) figure, and a face more "cute" than beautiful. Her beautiful light-blue eyes are hidden behind the arrowhead-like lenses on her black feathery shades. Her wings are light brown and appear to be feathered like an angel's wings. (Soul Paladin Sylphy Windy the Topaz Wing; sylph-eagle hybrid-female-warrior-monster-Air/L: 4/AS: 1000/DS: 1000/HP: 4000/MP: 2000/Strength: 2/Speed: 5/R: G/5' 4", 105 lbs.) (19,000 MP)

"Then I fuse Mike Solar and Sylphy Windy into one Soul Paladin: Soul Paladin Richard Fawkes the Phoenix Fighter!" The two monsters on his side of the field merged into one ball of light! Then a powerful man in bright red and golden scalloped armor like feathers or dragon scales appeared! He is plenty attractive as handsome men can be. His fiery hair is long and in a huge body with bangs and a mane; goes right down his back. Being young and strong, he stands about 6' or so, with a well-built muscular body, and a face more "striking" than handsome. His fierce blue eyes are hidden behind the arrowhead-like lenses on her red draconic sunglasses. His feathery wings are of a burning red and glimmering golden color, and are like a majestic bird's wings. (Soul Paladin Richard Fawkes the Phoenix Fighter; phoenix-human hybrid-male-warrior-combined monster-Fire/L: 8/AS: 3600/DS: 2400/HP: 6000/MP: 4000/Strength: 5/Speed: 5/R: G/6', 185 lbs.) (Kuro-Horo; 28,000 LP/23,000 MP)

Helen gulped, "You've read the rulebook well, nephew-boy." Kuro-Horo scoffed, "I'm not done: I'm going to play Omega Power Charge (Magic Spell); I give up half my own power and add it to the stats of one monster on the field and I choose Richard Fawkes." The Soul Paladin glowed with a powerful rainbow-colored aura! (Kuro-Horo; 14,000 LP/11,500 MP) (Richard Fawkes' stats; AS: 29100/DS: 27900/HP: 31500/MP: 29500)

KH roars, "Then he powers up his Phoenix Solar Wind Burst (cost of 2000 MP), allowing him to have his attack not go only for your Dancer Dame–– but you as well, Helen! But of course, since he can fly, he can fly over your monster and hit you directly." A ball of crimson red energies formed and illuminated in his monster's palms, he released it, and it incinerated Helen's monster and the flames went right at her! (Helen Utamaru; 5450 LP)

Helen sweated, "I'm… (pant)… still… (pant)… standing… nephew… Ooo! (gulp) Boy. Besides, that Omega Power Charge effect lasts for only one turn." (Richard Fawkes' stats; AS: 3600/DS: 2400/HP: 14,000/MP: 11,500)

Helen's turn starts. "I give up a lot of my Mana Points to restore my Life Points." (Helen; 15450 LP/11000 MP) "I summon a Blade Skater to the field!" A grey and purple dressed ice dancer like her Cyber Dancer, but with no stylish hair, yet with a silvery loop-shaped earring and two curved blades on her forearms. (Blade Skater; human dancer-female-warrior- monster-Earth/L: 3/AS: 1400/DS: 1500/HP: 1500/MP: 1600/Strength: 3/Speed: 3/R: G/5' 9", 115 lbs.) (Helen: 16,450 LP/12,200 MP)

"Then I bring my Deck Guardian, Cyber Dancer, to the field. Then I combine them into one being!" The two monsters on his side of the field merged into one ball of light! A beautiful ice-skating dancer appeared beside Helen. She's got a huge and long body of dark-blue hair, a red and light-blue outfit, violet gloves and ice-skating boots, large single pointers on each shoulder, and a red visor over her eyes. (Cyber Blader; cyborg human dancer-female-warrior-combined monster-Earth/L: 8/AS: 2100/DS: 800/HP: 1100/MP: 2000/Strength: 3/Speed: 3/R: G/5' 11", 105 lbs.) (Helen; 17,550 LP/14,200 MP) Helen smirked, "You can't destroy my new Deck Guardian, I'll just survive every blow you give me!"

KH smirked, "Don't be so sure, grandma."

The insult echoed through her head so many times! She roared, "THAT DOES IT!" Her monster charges for her nephew!

KH calls out, "I now play an Event Re-creator card: Aerial Seismic Toss!" His Soul Paladin swooped down from behind her monster, snatched her, flew into the atmosphere, and swung her around and around several times! Richard Fawkes then throws Cyber Blader to the ground! KH explains, "If I can't use him to destroy her, I'll use the hard metal floor combined with the atmospheric flight height!"

(Author's Explanation: the Event Re-creator, Aerial Seismic Toss, can negate a monster attack, multiply the monster's Attack Strength by the Strength and Speed Powers of a flying monster and deduct the resulting number from the negated monster's controller's Life Points.)

Helen screams, "Oh no!" her Cyber Blader woozily exclaims as she rushes to the metal floor, "Ooo! This is gonna hurt." BAM! "I was right." (Helen; 0 LP defeated)

Koe was amazed, "When's doomsday?" Matt said, "What brother Kay's stepparents said was actually a figure of speech to talk him out of playing the game." Ray said, "I guess he's in for a real treat."

Helen gets up and smiles, "Well, Kuro-Horo my nephew, you've just won the privilege of staying in your late grandparents grand hotel; Tenaku. Congratulations!" KH BAMFED back to his normal self, "What? I did? That was this was all about, to see if I was worthy of living in a hotel?"

Ray came by, "Not just any hotel, KH; a hotel for Duelists." KH suddenly felt faint, "Good-night." And fell asleep on the floor."

To be continued…

Duel Worlds rules / creativity motives

A Player must have these zones for their own parts of the Battlefield:

Main Deck Zone : where the deck is kept (you must have up to 40 cards or more in it your deck)

Graveyard : where cards are expired and sent to

Out-of-Play Zone : when a card is placed here, it's useless. Unless another card can say otherwise, or help get it back.

Special Summon Monster Deck Zone : a place to keep Ritual Monsters, Combined Monsters, and Morph Monsters for upcoming times.

Field Type Zone : what type of field it is (players are allowed to select they are in (in reality)), it can be changed mainly by use of an Enchanted Field card.

Player's Turn Phases;

Draw Phase : draw a card from your Main deck and place it into your hand (you can have as many cards in your hand as possible, unless some cards change that)

Standby Phase : nothing much happens. Some card abilities are active during this stage.

Battle/Casting Phase : When the casting of spells and summoning of creatures and the time of battle starts.

End Phase : The end of a player's turn.

Each player starts with at least 20,0000 Life Points, 20,000 Mana Points, and select a card to be the Deck

Guardian, then you shuffle the deck, and roll a die to see what your starting hand should be. It could be a free-for-all or a tag-team. The first player to play is the one with the least cards in his/her hand, if both hands are equal, they must decide who should go first. To win, you must either destroy the opponent's Deck Guardian or take all of your opponent's Life Points down to zero.

Beware; the Deck Guardian can be replaced by another card if used to bring out a different card; that different card can be the new Deck Guardian. And the Mana Points can be exchanged into Life Points, and vice versa.

Summoning a Monster cost 1000 of your Mana Points multiplied by its Level. Summoning a Monster from other places other than your hand cost 500 of your Mana Points multiplied by the monster's level. You placing a card facedown cost only 500 of your Mana Points; while you pay 1000 points for casting a non-monster card.

As for other Deck Guardian abilities; a Deck Guardian can remain in play, since it represents the controller (you) it is immune to card destroying effects of all kinds, you add up your current Mana Points to its Mana

Power and your current Life Points to its Hit Points, making it tougher than normal monsters, and you can still use its Deck Guardian abilities (cards that aren't being used as a Deck Guardian, their abilities aren't active (unless you substitute your Deck Guardian with something else)).

Life Points are for determining how much you have left until you lose. They are vital; keep them as much as possible. If healing a monster by paying these without letting them firsthand rest, their recovery will be about 10 times more than a normal Player would need. You can exchange your Life Points for your Mana Points or vice versa, a player can only do this during his/her turn.

Mana Points are for determining how much you have to pay during turn to play a card, as a new turn starts for you every time, you gain 5,000 more Mana Points, use them sparingly and wisely, as they are a part of you. You can exchange your Mana Points for your Life Points or vice versa, a player can only do this during his/her turn.

Well I've got a few lists of card types for you; monsters and non-monsters (and their card colors), and what they're for:


Monster (yellow); these are plain ordinary Monster cards that have a few small abilities.

Machine Monster (green); unlike normal Monsters, they last much longer and take more damage.

Vehicle (blue); unlike Machine Monsters, they won't work and can only work if they are equipped to monsters. They are capable of getting ridden by monster cards.

Combined Monster (violet); Combined Monsters are formed by specific Monsters from the hand or field (like a Megazord) without the need of any other cards (unless some say otherwise). If destroyed as a result of battle, they just change back to their original counterpart Monsters and the card needed to return to

Combination form returns to the combo deck side, where they belong. Combined Monsters can possess the same abilities as their counterparts and some new ones.

Ritual Monster (orange); these are powerful monsters that can only be summoned by Ritual cards. Their powers are only second to Gods.

Morph Monster (purple); like Evolution Creatures, they can morph from any creature and into super-powerful creatures. Like the Combined Monsters if destroyed as a result of battle, they change back into their original counterparts for future Morphing and possess some of their original counterparts' abilities and some new ones.

God (white): these are the most powerful of all monsters: their abilities are so divine, only a certain few should wield them.


Equip (gray); specialized equipment that increases a monster's chance in battle. Equip cards have specialized tokens to prove how much damage they've taken if targeted.

Trap (red); like the Trap Cards in "Yu-Gi-Oh", they can activate during an opponent's turn and have troublesome abilities of any variety.

Attack Spell (silver); a simple spell that deals a type of damage, if focused through a monster of the spell's level, it is lowered but taught to that monster as long as it's standing.

Defense Barrier (gold); almost like monsters, they stand in play to defend your monsters from various attacks and can take damage, but can't attack at all.

Ritual (black); these non-monster cards are used to summon Ritual Monsters. If the Ritual Monster is destroyed, the Ritual Card returns to you for future use and the Ritual Monster returns to the Special Summon Side Deck.

Magic Spell (pink): normal spells for various reasons, including resurrecting a monster from the dead back to the field, etc.

Enchanted Field (brown): to change the field to try to improve your chances of victory, unfortunately, it works for all players, including your opponent(s).

Event Re-creator (indigo); like the Traps, they can interrupt card activities and reverse them. But they live up to their names as well.

Special Knowledge (tan); like the Event Re-creators, they change the course of the game. (Example: an electrical charge through an ocean field will damage everything in the water until dead or unconscious)

Divine Spell (prismatic); these are the most powerful of all non-monster cards: their abilities are so divine, only a certain few should wield them.

Each card should have these–

Name : name of the card (obviously) (doesn't matter if it's original or not)

Type of card : what kind of card it is

Flavor Text : any short story about it, to make it sound interesting

Creator's Name : name of who created the monster (whether whatever's on the card wasn't from this game in the first place doesn't matter, it's a part of the player's interest of that person's world (Duel Worlds, get it?))

Creation Date : date of when it was created

Abilities : what interesting powers a single card possess and what it can do

Deck Guardian Ability(s) : If used as a Deck Guardian, it will assist you in a few ways.

Threshold Ability(s) : If there are 25 or more cards in your Graveyard, the feel for vengeance is awakened and the card gains a new ability (or more).

Age Rating : what age it's suitable to being owned at

Each monster card should have these–

Attack Strength : determines how strong an attack they can unleash.

Defense Strength : lessens the damage they take if they block an attack of any kind.

Hit Points : these determine how much damage they can take until they die. There's a 50 chance they won't, just get knocked out. These can easily be recovered by resting the hurt monster for the next turn.

Mana Power : how much magical energy they have when activating a magical ability. They can easily be recovered by not using any until the turn after the next.

Subtype : what kind of Monster they are (fighter, spellcaster, animal, etc.)

Element : what element they represent (Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Air, Earth, etc.)

Level : one level on a Monster equals 2000 points of Attack Strength, Defense Strength, Hit Points, and/or Mana Power, the more Level on the Monster, the stronger the Monster; the stronger the Monster, the more difficult it is to summon (the basic level for normalized summoning are those of no cost and can be easily something, as long as they're under Level 5, if it is double that Level or less, sacrifice a card on the field; if triple of less, sacrifice two; and so on and so forth).

Gender : sometimes the gender can be a problem; for example, a perverted male looking at a sexy girl could slow him down.

Size Stats : size of Monsters matters sometimes

Speed : measured in number of stars (1 to 5), an Enchanted Field may or may not lessen its timing. This helps give your monsters a 50 chance in evading attacks and making them miss both you and them.

Strength : measured in number of stars (1 to 5), to break down walls, etc. The more stars, the stronger the monster is, and possibly more damage than their Attack Strength can dish out.

Species : human, animal, etc.

Personality : you know; virtuous, serious, kindhearted, etc. just a few personality traits or flaws listed down. They can help a lot.