Ziggy's corner: I wrote this story ten years ago when I first started seriously considering writing for a living. It's the first chapter of a number of stories, dealing with an intergalactic origin of vampires, other supernatural creatures, and humans. I hope you like it, and if I see enough positive reviews, I'll submit other stories based on this universe.

Gustoff Von Baron stood on the roof of the building. His body was stiff, still, as if

frozen. The cool breeze blew through his light brown hair. His eyes became like ice water

as he gazed down at the headquarters of the Night Brother's Corporation. Anger and

hatred filled his form; his small frame shook with all the force of an adult man forever

locked in the body of a fifteen year old boy.

Below, two bulky vampires guarded the building's only door. One was black, with

dreadlocks, and a large build. He looked as though he could give Rocky Balboa a run for

his money. The other was white, with dark grey hair. His eyes were like red moons; his

skin was pale grey. Both were dangerous and neither would be easy to get past.

Gustoff studied the two; squinting until the whites of his eyes were no longer visible.

He knelt down a little, resting his left hand on the railing of the building. He stroked his

hair, slicking it back and tying it into a ponytail. This wasn't going to be pretty.

He was about to leap off of the roof, when a black blur raced down the road towards

the guards. The object jumped into the air and came crashing down on one of the garbage

cans in front of them. It was an alley cat. She stared at them, meowing, and they moved

towards her, bearing their fangs. Gustoff couldn't believe his luck as the cat pounced off

of the can, and raced away, with the guards in hot pursuit. "I owe you one, kitty,"

he said, jumping off the roof, and walking towards the door.


He backed into the shadows, leaning against the wall, as a group of vampires headed in his direction. So far it had been easy getting this far without being spotted. But hatred boiling up inside of him, made him reckless. "Be careful you fool," he whispered.

The inside of the building was damp, dark, and dreary. Everywhere he went, he could hear the voices of his own kind, those who fed on blood to survive. Dark lamps hung high above, swaying in the night breeze and wooden crates were everywhere.

The smell of mushrooms filled the air. A human might attribute it to actual mushrooms, but Gustoff knew it was the smell of decomposing bodies. They've drunken blood recently, damn it. That means their going to be a lot stronger than me.

He slunk around in the dark, stopping every so often when he saw something in the shadows move. There was no telling when, or from where a vampire might strike.

His hunger was growing; he was getting weaker. He had to hurry, to disable that new weapon. But where the hell was it? He soon lost his way and walked right into a group of his foes. At first, they thought of him only as one of their own, but then someone in the crowd recognized him, "Stop that man," he hollered, "he's the behind the terrorist attacks on our other installations."

Gustoff backed away slowly, smiling nervously as the others hissed and bared their fangs at him. He swallowed hard, and looked for a way out. The only thing he could find, was a box containing little gas pellets. Without making it obvious, he retreated towards it. "So, uh. Do any of you guys know where the little vampire's room is?" he said as he edged towards the box. A young female growled and pounced at him. "I didn't think so," he shouted, grabbing the crate and throwing it in their direction. The pellets exploded creating a smoke screen and Gustoff whipped out of the hall.

"Stop him, don't let him get to the penthouse, you fools." someone said. Gustoff smiled, running up the stairs. Behind, him the sounds of hundreds of feet charged towards him. He found the door that lead to the penthouse, and leapt into it, slammed it shut, and placed a wooden beam across it.

He turned around, to see a large metal object, silver, with ancient writings all over it. It was pointed in the direction of the city. It was a gun, but what was it for? And why were they pointing it at Berlin? Gustoff studied the elegant markings, running his hand along the metal exterior. Whatever this thing was for, it's not anything for good, that was for sure. Gustoff reached into a pocket and pulled out a lazar scalpel. He touched it against the metal, and began to cut as he heard pounding on the door. His public was trying to get in. Better hurry.

"What's you're hurry, mon ami? I thought we could spend some time getting reacquainted," a familiar voice from the shadows called. Fredrick Pierre. Gustoff swerved violently in the voice's direction, as the other walked out of the shadows with a young girl in tow.

"I'm not your friend, Pierre," Gustoff said, growling.

"I saved your life."

"You murdered my family," Gustoff shouted. He dropped his scalpel and pointed to the girl, "And what do you intend to do with her?" The other vampire smirked and pushed her in his direction.

"She's yours. You see, I know that you have yet to eat."

"I won't do to another human, what you did to me," Gustoff said, hissing. Fredrick only shrugged, walking over to the gun and gave it a pat.

"It was nothing personal. And besides, she'll be the last to die, the old fashioned way. With this gun, we'll be able to nuke whole cities at once. Just think of it, no more needing to seduce, nor to chase your prey. They'll just be there for the picking, first Berlin, and then the world my friend. And with our work made easier, Earth will be a vampire's paradise."

Gustoff stared at the girl, eyeing her from the top, down to her bare feet. He looked at the gun and took a step towards it. Then back towards her. She smiled, not knowing what was really going on. An American, he thought. She walked up to him and pressed her body tightly against his. The smell of her hair, and the throbbing of her heart almost drove him mad.

He pushed her away, causing her to frown. She said something, but he couldn't understand her. He looked at the gun, wanting to save Berlin. But his hunger was peaked, he wanted her too.

"You can't fight it mon ami, take her," Fredrick said.

Gustoff lunged for her and gently pressed her head back. He licked his lips and bared his fangs. Tears ran down his eyes. "Forgive me." He began to bend down towards her neck when the crowd broke through the door. Gustoff had completely forgotten about them. He let the girl go and tried to fight them off, but they were too strong for him. As the darkness enveloped him he heard Fredrick's sinister laughter.


Gustoff felt a hard blow across his face. He opened his eyes and stared into Fredrick's. The other's green eyes burned at his soul and made him sick. He hissed and snapped, but Fredrick stepped back. "Temper, temper."

Gustoff saw that he and the girl were tied to a pole, in the center of the building. There was a window on the roof; a faint trickle of sunlight beamed down. He realized what they had in store for him.

"Think of your death as the ultimate tan," Fredrick said, cackling from the shadows. He ordered his lackeys to fire the weapon as the sun began to burn into Gustoff's chest. Frantically, he bit into the ropes.

There was a screech of surprise, and he looked up to see his foes scrambling for cover as the beam of the gun twisted and turned on its makers. Fredrick's black eyes reflected the light with utter fear as it sliced across the room in his direction. The last thing that Gustoff heard as he blacked out was the villain's scream.

He woke up in a damp place, a cavern. He didn't recall how he got there, but the young girl who had been tied up with him sat in the corner in a fetal position. Gustoff realized that she had pulled him out of the burning building. Which means he accomplished this latest mission and Fredrick was dead, he hoped anyway. For the moment, it was over.