For an explanation of an Abcedarian, go to my other abcedarian poem.

Answers from the Stars
Beckoning to you
"Come down the Path
Death lies here:
Ethereal Life"
Fast you trod along it;
Generations past have come and gone;
Heed the twists and turns you take
Igniting flames of desire in your Soul
Justifying past misdeeds
Killing every fervent Hope
Lest foolish disobedience hinders you
Many come, and many have died:
Nighttide comes - it is your time:
Over reaching; silent teaching
Pressuring you on and on
Quiet skulking in the Shadow;
Rest no more-
Sleep forever.
Time unfolding
Unwinding, biting
Verifying past offense
Waters of Fate envelope you, drowning
Xanthous minstrel's eerie quartet
Your Fate seizes you now!
Zenith on the Path of Pain.