Thought I heard you a long long time ago
And I can still feel your words
Funny, it felt like they were spoken by someone superior
Now don't you think that absurd?
Now don't you think it wasn't a mistake?
But my thoughts may have misconstrued
The purpose of heightened allies
And their relevance to you

Thought I knew you a long long time ago
And I can still taste your fears
Watched you make them your excuse
To hide away all these years
Locked yourself in an enchanted kingdom
But it was not yours to bear
I hope in all of that neglect
You can still sense our stares

Thought I saw you a long long time ago
Remembered your face quite well
Yet I never did seem to notice
You longed for where the kings had dwelled
Took a favorable concept
Shoved that fool's gold under our eyes
But the one who is the true fool
Is he who thinks others will indulge his lies