A/N: This is like the Prequel to "A Pictures Worth A Thousand Screams."

Warning: Erm, heavy violence and sexual sadism of a man's bisexual nature? Yeah. Also, there is detailed death, not so detailed rape. You have been warned! (It's rated M for a reason.)

Two Thousand Screams

"Just play the game," I scowled as I grabbed her by the blood-drenched bruise's on her neck. She gasped for air once more, digging her nails into my wrists as she pulled away; she'd done nothing but enrage me further. Who can make good art when the subject is posing themselves for you? I couldn't have that. No, my dear sweet Katherine was going to play along and let me prepare her for the shoot. Whether she would have to be shot in two ways or not would be her choice.

"Just play the game, Katherine! Stop struggling. Honestly, you're going to destroy yourself before I get my picture!" She screamed. I love when the they scream, but only when I've actually done something to acquire the sweet song. I pulled her fingers free of my wrist, pulling them backwards until I heard a crack and making her scream once again. Much better.

She stared up at me with those beautiful jade eyes. Her eyes had been why I'd picked her for this picture. She had a beautiful face. She did have a beautiful neck but it had become butchered in my failed attempt at killing her. I do admit that I was and am quite disappointed with my little duel with her for dominance. The artist should be the one to make the picture. Not the subject. She was mocking my art, something I will not allow.

I gripped small gun in my pocket, growling as I took it out and pressed it against her temple. I still dislike guns, but when one must show dominance a good instigator of fear is a must. She froze as my finger pressed against the pre-readied gun. "Now, Katherine," my voice came out in it's recomposed and relaxed nature. "I suspect that this means you're going to do what I say now?"

She whimpered, each hand gripping the opposite elbow as she curled forward in a manner that made me think of an armadillo. I grinned, quite pleased with the respect I was now achieve. Her lips quivered as she mumbled, and I knelt down with the gun still ready. "What was that, dear Katherine? I couldn't understand you."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Her tone had dropped considerably and it was still a task to hear her. I suppose that I the reason I did understand was merely because I'd heard the line many times before. I always gave the same answer, no matter how misinterpreted it was.

"It's a simple thing, really. I just want your body. For an experiment. You are," I lifted my hand to cup it underneath her chin and bring her defeated looking eyes up to mine. "A work of art to be admired. Every bruise,…" My hand slide down to her bleeding neck. "Every cut. I just love the human body."

She pulled back, tears for the first time streaming down her face as she shook. "Just don't kill me." I had to laugh at that. I was talking about how she'd look when dead, and yet she tells me to not kill her. I was debating obeying the request in the meantime but most prefer their tortures to be when they're dead.

She could always be used as a new form of art of me, the brilliant gothic photographer Black Death. I moved closer to her, pulling her against me and still holding the gun to the back of her head as she started to cry against my chest. She wasn't pleading. She wasn't screaming. And she was the first person to ever fight me back.

This was yet another sign that was I breaking her, and I loved it. Her body was quivering from fear and her muscles were tense, and this was the first time I had ever thought anything impure about a victim. I knew she wouldn't attack me when the gun against the back of her head. I had already shown that I did not fear shooting myself. One who's only spice for life is murder could care less on who loses their life, merely caring that the job is done.

She lifted her eyes to stare up at me as I took a hand and put it on her stomach, pushing her off of me slightly as she shot a frightened glare into my eyes. I clicked my tongue and her for the glare, pressed the gun harshly against her head and making her whimper at the force of what was more a tap than anything. It was probably just the fact that she knew what hit her that make her squeal as she did. "Now, dear, that's not appropriate behavior. I shant have you clinging to me as if I am your mother come here to rescue you from a nightmare. I am the nightmare. I will not be mistaken for anything else."

I felt a chill run down my spine again. Those eyes. There was something about this girl's eyes. They would have to be the subject for my photo shoot. I pushed her backwards, hovering over her and working on removing her clothing. No clothes would ever obstruct my pictures. The only time I had ever felt weird was a few days ago when I had removing my little sister Mary of her attire. That, and perhaps the first time I had to forcefully undress a man that had a right swing befitting of a backyard wrestler. He wasn't really fighting back then… I think he rather enjoyed the situation until he was castrated.

Nonetheless, he was not my victim now. I commanded for Katherine to assist me, and she instinctly did for fear of her life. I have always found it amusing how much one can make a person do out of fear. I left her in her underwear as I stood up, taking a deep breath as the impure thoughts returned. And then I got my idea. I turned around, grinning as I commanded her to remove her undergarments and watching as she did such before rolling herself back into a ball to hide herself as best as she could. I lifted a finger to her, shaking it slightly as I turned and grabbed a piece of paper. I set the gun down. She wasn't going anywhere.

I grabbed a pen, giving a rough sketch of what I wanted my photograph to look like. It did play a good deal on my impure thoughts. Creative nudity has always been my specialty, and for the sadistic a wonderful rape piece would be brilliant. It could be sold for quite a bit to my wonderful fans who still suspected nothing of the crimes I was committing. My eyes scanned the girl's face as I looked at her. I wouldn't be able to blur her face any if I wanted to make this picture work. That, and I had to find my rapist. I did have quite a collection of victims still in their cages downstairs. That is where I had pried Miss Katherine from. She had been down there for nearly a week now. A new record really, but I had to collect quite a few for my art show coming up in a few days.

I put down the picture, not letting her catch a glimpse at it as I moved over to her, putting out my hand. "Care to take a walk with her, dear?" She shivered and pulled tighter into her ball, and I gave a sigh. I went and retrieved my distasteful gun, pocketing it, and grabbing my hunting knife from the table. She had her eye closed, but I'm sure she felt the sharp metal jab into her arm as I sliced it into her flesh and made her scream and whimper. Into her arm was carved the letters "BD." Ever human in my pictures was branded in this manner. It was my signature.

She bit into her lip and finally released, crying even harder as she screamed out the words "I'll walk!" I sheathed the blade, not bothering to clean it yet, as I put down my hand. She gripped it and with both took to our feet and headed down the stairs to the cages. Her face was beat red and streaked with tears and many of the caged people slunk back as they watched my parade her past them. I was looking left and right at my tattered captives. No. No. No.

There were only six or so men down there, and I usually had an eye for couples. I figured I could find a nice looking man to be her rapist. If that didn't work I could easily resort to a woman. I had originally charmed Miss Katherine back to my quarters with the prospect of sex, so I decided to respect her partner choice being a male. I found a man with light brown hair and light grayed eyes that went by the name of Cody. He had been another lured at the prospect of sex, and though it would be rude to respect one's sexual preferences and not the other, I had not tortured Cody as badly, and I already had slept with him (rare a thing as that may be for my victims.)

He'd has his fun. Now it was time for my fans and mine. "Alright, love," I felt for the keys and unlocked the cage with one hand. Katherine was whimpering and covering herself as best she could. I drew forth my gun and pointed it at him. "Up and out. Oh, and please do me a favor and remove your own pants. I hate to have to do things twice."

He seemed to hiss at me but did so as I gave a sigh and turned my eyes to look at Katherine, giving her a weak smile. "I think he's flirting." She didn't say anything. I gave a sigh and shook my head. "Not a fan of humor, dear? What a shame. I happen to be a great fan of humor."

Cody, of whom was still undressing, hissed once more from inside the cage. "Do you find this funny, Bradley?" I turned to look at him and nodded, laughing hysterically. My watering eyes scanning his muscular torso as he began to fuss with his boxers.

"Yes, Cody-love! I DO!" His fists clenched and his muscles could be seen growing tight as he growled at me, lifting a hand to punch me. I, still laughing mind you, would not have this. I reached out and gripped Katherine's arm and pulled her broken form against me, pressing the gun to her temple. "Now, Cody, you wouldn't want to be the reason she died, would you?"

He instantly froze; I instantly smiled. Katherine was staring into Cody's eyes, and I could see he was effected by them as well. He didn't move a muscle as I pulled her with me to move against him. I pressed her against his chest as she moved to stare at him with a helpless expression in her eyes. I went to look at his. I'd seen the look before. The look of a would-be hero. Oh no. There would be no heros in my house. Not today. Not ever.

I slipped the hunting knife out of it's sheath and gripped Cody's arms, branding the same arm that I had Katherine. The people in the cages around us were watching in horror. Some of them were yet to get any previews of what happened to those that went upstairs. I don't think they were happy with the scene. One little girl, about eight years old, was crying as she watched me stab Cody. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. She would be a nice addition to the picture...But no. I would not create anything to be concidered child pornography. I turned to keep my eyes back on my subjects, pushing them both forwards.

"Back upstairs. Katherine, at my side. Cody, in front. If you head towards anything that you may potientally use as a weapon her jugular will be sliced, and you'll dislike this little round about even more." He cast me a dirty look, not asking what I'd had in store verbally but with his eyes. I gripped Katherine and pulled her against me once again, and she whimpered as the knife pressed against her neck slightly. He moved very slowly up the stairs and we followed. I was whispering into the whimpering Katherine's ear the entire way about how lovely she looked with dried and wet blood mingling off her breasts. I don't really think she appreciated the comments, however.

When we'd all arrived upstairs I moved to be infront of Cody, Katherine still at my side. I moved us into a room filled with black curtains and an old dentist's chair in it, of which was still bloody from the picture I had taken just a few hours ago. The dead body of the subject was laying crumpled behind one of the curtains and out of view. The chair had been altered so that leather belts strung across the whole thing and also a few wire hooks that were good for pulling the skin apart. I pushed Katherine into the chair and turned to Cody with gun and knife still in their respective hands. "Cody-love. Be a good boy and strap her in nice and tight."

He glared at me and went over to her, sweating bullets under the gun's locked gaze. I moved to pick up my camera, digital. I rather liked them due to previews of the picture at hand and the ease of adding the pictures to the computer. Mine was small and cheap, but I could make any camera professional worthy when it was in my hands. The camera was already on a stand, I merely had to move it to an angle that revealed the cuts on both of their arms at the right angle.

I looked up as Cody was whispering repeated apologies and asking if the bonds were too tight. She was crying hysterically and I began laughing as I moved over, pulling on every strap he'd tighted until her skin sunk in slightly from the pressure. She screamed the tighter I pulled them, and Cody didn't move but gripped her hands tightly in helpless apology. I'd already known he was the submissive type, and to watch his submission rising was a beauteous thing that had now given me pleasure on two occasions.

I reached up and took my knife and sliced a hole into her stomach causing her to gasp and scream. I only took one hook and pulled it to hold back the flesh on the side of her that would not be visible to the public. Cody winced as she did, tighting once more and I could almost feel his need to punch me. I moved over to him, lacing my arms around him from behind and cooing gently. "Cody-love. You don't need to worry, but you have to move quickly. I have pictures to take, and the faster you move the sooner I'll get to make my art and be done with both of you. Don't you want this to be fast, Cody? Most don't like a slow and painful experiences."

I slid my hands down his bare chest and downward, feeling him wince against me. "It's simple. I want you to have your way with her. I decided to be nice and make it so you get to play with a whole new type of hole you'd never have gotten to unless you met me. Just make her scream, and have fun. That's all that's asked of you, and then I'll even let you free. I want to get caught. I like the attention. You can put me away and never let me hurt anyone again, Hero. All you have to do is have a little fun. It's what got you into this, isn't it?"

I followed his gaze to be upon her. She was thrashing as best she could. He was tense, and growing tenser as my hands went further down his body. "Don't you want to put away Big Bad Bradley?" I could barely him as he choked out the word yes. I grinned maliciously and pushed him forward against her as she thrashed more and more violently. I moved towards the camera as Cody bent over her with a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes as she hovered over her. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight. He was muttering apologies over and over as he did the deed of which I had told him.

I must say I rather enjoyed the show. Katherine's head pulled back as she screamed. The image I had wanted. Cody eventually had fallen in a beastial liking to the punishment he was instilling onto her, and she was screaming. It was perfect. I took several versions of the picture, managing to get only one that I liked as I went back to watched. I was grinning as I lifted the gun, unwatched by the two, and fired them into Cody's head. He crumpled against the even more violently screaming Katherine. I took a few more pictures of the sight, then moved and slit Katherine's jugular as I had been threatening to do earilier.

She was gasping her air, her eyes locked on mine. I loved those eyes. I brought up the camera to take a picture of her eyes glaring death at me while being consumed by death at the same time. Cody's brains litering her face as she died. A beautiful shot. A masterpiece that sadly was going to go undiscovered.

For just at that moment a shout rang out. "Put your hands up!" I looked up to see the cops, laughing slightly and dropping my weapons, gently setting down the camera with a smug grin on my face.

"So the good guys don't always show up on time." One of the men covered his mouth with a rag at the sight and the smell, clearly feeling queasy. He was the one that came over to handcuff, and I went willingly. A few of them were rude however, hissing distasteful words of how sick I was into my face.

I'm not sick. I'm brilliant. I'm a genius. I had to ask which of my pieces was the one that put me away. They told me. The murder of my little sister put me away. That, and the sight before the cops of the murder scene they'd unknowingly stepped into.

My eyes went up to stare at the chair with the two on it as I was dragged off. In a way, Cody really had put me away for doing the act I'd told him. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically as the sickened, foolish cops dragged me off. It didn't matter. I was going to get my fame one way or another. My only regret was that those pictures I'd worked so hard that day to get were going to be nothing but evidence.

Pity. Sometimes this world can be so cruel to me.