Up goes the price
And up go the profits
Call it supply and demand
And we have ourselves a doctrine
A simple law that we can abide by
Because oil is the country's lifeline

There are so many dead dinos in the ground
But it takes time to drill 'em up
So all the while, now, won't you wait?
We'll have ourselves a nice charade
More cash toward the barrels, more cash at the pump
We'll lick our lips at the cost of petroleum

Down goes the economy
And down goes its projected growth
Wall Street thought they were made
But the commodity choked
A commonplace standard that had a knee jerk
Let's you know you can't afford to drive to work

There are so many dead dinos in the ground
But there are an increasing number in this world
If you dare question our logic we will demur
We're already cutting you heating for the winter
Less shipments to the port, less cars at the gas station
We now control all of you with our petroleum

Sigh go consumers
And sigh go the vehicles
That need a few more drops
Of sweet sweet oil
It's so important that we'll never know
That science offers other powers than fossil fuels

There are so many dead dinos in the ground
We determine how many are available
We are the ones that poison your air
And then call weather disasters natural
We are the company owners getting big bucks
We are the lords of petroleum