Chapter 14

Lucius Van Claw stepped out of the car and looked around at his surroundings. A castle with a malicious air straight out of a fairy tale looked over the raging North Sea. The air seemed to sizzle and crackle with that feeling of haunted magic. The surrounding land was covered with a mist that could only be found in the haunted Scottish moors. Under the mist, and just barely visible, was heather that was the rarest of purples.

He stooped and yanked a handful of it from the ground and straightened to stare out at the thunderheads that were building over the castle, almost an ill omen of what was to come. He balled his hand into a fist and crushed bits of heather drifted to the ground. Lucius opened his hand, palm down, and let the remaining heather disappear into the mist gathering at his feet. He looked at his glove and saw juice stains from the heather.

These were new leather gloves shipped all the way over from Italy!

He sighed and trudged over to the foreboding front door. Wiping his hands on his expensive pants, he felt just a twinge of regret that his master couldn't share this moment with him.

Even though he owed Vince Whelan a lot, he could never quite forgive him for the horrible things that had happened between them. Because of Vince, he had two nasty physical deformities that he hid as much as he could: the scars that ran parallel to the metatarsal bones between his wrist and knuckles on his hands, and his "demon" eyes. Not to mention the fact that through an "accident" Vince had made him a vampire.

Lucius opened the door and stepped into the dark, cavernous entry. Tapestries from hundreds of years ago cloaked the walls with a dark majesty that even dust couldn't diminish. Hardly noticing his surroundings, Lucius continued walking down the hall and wandered through the castle aimlessly, lost in his reverie.

Vince had been just like what Lucius was now; raising an army of permanent werewolves and wanting to rule Transylvania with an iron fist. When he realized that Lucius Van Claw, then only twenty-one, was a werewolf he had captured him. Over a few weeks, he came to realize that Lucius was something special; he had skills that not many people possessed and he was a born leader. Regardless, he went ahead and began to perform the surgical process to make him a permanent werewolf. Halfway through the neurological surgery, his conscience kicked in and he realized that he didn't want to lose so valuable a person. While reversing the process, Vince accidentally spliced a nerve ending that backfired and made Lucius a vampire. From that point on, Lucius could then transform to a vampire at will. Vince was able to save him from being a permanent werewolf, but in his blind anticipation of the future, he had made the fatal mistake of his life.

When Lucius awoke from the surgery, he instantly knew that something was wrong. His eyes flashed with anger when he realized that he was a vampire. He had flown off the operating table and grabbed Vince by the throat and made Vince tell him what had happened to him. Lucius in his anger, drank Vince's blood, and in doing so killed his mentor.

Lucius in his anger decided to wreak havoc on the accursed country that had been home to his unfortunate mentor. He took over Vince's operation and began working twice as fast as Vince had. Within a few years, he had a massive army and was ready to strike. But there was one thing that still evaded him: the O'Brien family. The family of four was the last edition to his army, yet he had tried for years to get them and through some unknown power always managed to lose them.

No matter, he thought, after tonight Marissa will be a permanent werewolf and I will unleash my fury on Transylvania.

A werewolf howled from somewhere in the forest as a bolt of lightening struck the ground outside the castle and rain began to pour down mercilessly…

A/N: I hope that you liked this chapter and that I made some sense of Lucius' past. Probably two more chapters and this story will be finished.