Ripped from the seams
But its not as it seems
You put me together
From the pieces you found in my grave
What was remaining
Has long since decayed

Like a monster with scars running deep
Sewn within the secrets I tried to keep
Left in the dark box I'd soon call my home
You left me there forever frozen and alone

Wandering the pandered floors
Dripping with blood from virginized scores
Straight from the dank, the dark, and the sky
I was meant to lay down, to sleep, and to die
Instead I'm here walking these cold London streets
Hailing from the mountains, the sores I have to keep

A monster with eyes, hidden hint of death
Looking towards the sky, with loss of purpose
The Ripper called Jack galloping the paths
The stitches of mine galavanting past
Irony of sorts caused the monster to notice
Jack turned and said "You are quite grotesque"

Torn from the clutches
The hands held mine cold
Boney in structure
From which mine soul did fold

Jester bulldozed whole of the crowd
Just to reach my bellowing cloud
The rotting food he held smashed into my eyes
Since the dead fail to feel, I choose not to cry
They burned me at the stake, calling me a demon
Torn apart was I, they stole my recreator

"Leave the demon, tear apart the devil"
Wishing for death, I heard the slam of the gavel
Master was ripped apart at his seams
"I can't feel remorse, you did this to me"
I yelled kicking his remains

Over the moon my eyes often drift
To where I will rot and soon disappear
The cold clutches of my only friend
You never escape it, you only see it once
Sir, you are the cold and bittersweet end
I for one, can't wait to see you again