And you stab yourself in the back. Everybody just relax.

My hands were curled into fists, my nails digging into the palm of my hands as I glared daggers at the two in front of me. My teeth were gritted together as I stood rigidly still, looking at the two teens in front of me. How the hell could they do this to me? The two people I thought I could trust and they stab me in the back! Lying, cheating, scum of the earth! They all are.

"Its not what it looks like." The male of the two said. I almost lunged at him but thought better of it. Too many people watching, as in to many witness's just incase I accidentally kill him. No jury would convict me though, I'd just say I was PMSing and haven't had my Midol yet. It was an borderline mad thought but it sounded so appealing at this moment.

"Oh really? So, explain what it looks like because I think its pretty obvious." Both their mouths opened and closed, making them look, in their drunken stupor, like fish. You know what you do with fish? Hook them, skin them, fry them and eat them. I'm no cannibal but I think I can make an exception just this once. "Okay, let me guess!" I said in a fake cheerful voice dripping with sarcasm and hatred. "Hmm, you just happened to what? Slip on-" I looked at the ground. "-some barf and her boobs just happened to jump out into your hands while your tongue just happened to insert into her mouth? Is that it?" I asked, tilting my head to the side in fake innocence. Even in their drunken state they could tell I was not one bit serious and I knew all. Well almost all. I turned on my heel, glaring at any innocent bystander in my way and stormed out of that party as quickly as humanly possible.

"Wait!" I didn't wait. I didn't stop. And I defiantly did not slow down. If this was some cartoon, steam would be blowing out of my ears and a piano, helicopter or something equally as heavy or damaging would fall down on the bumbling idiots behind me. If this was some sappy, teen romance story a guy would appear out of nowhere, kick the crap out of the hormone driven rabbits behind me and take me somewhere wonderful. Yet this isn't some cartoon or teen romance story. This is a bitch I like to call life. Real life.

"OH MY GOD LOOK OUT!" I saw the bright lights out of the corner of my eye before the person, unknown to me, even finished their sentence. I'd like to say just in time I jumped out of the way or that someone pushed me out of the way, risking their lives for mine. I'd also like to say my life flashed before my eyes, that's what is suppose to happen when you come face to face with death, right?


Well I didn't jump out of the way.

Nobody risked their life for mine.

My sad, short, pathetic excuse for a life didn't flash before my eyes.

But there was this one instant, when the car hit me at full force, and I was suspended in air I could have sworn I was in the matrix.

Yet that was only a moment, a mere second, before my body connected with the car for the second time and pain came crashing down on me. I don't remember if I screamed. Everything went from blurry, to dark, to black too quick for me to recall anything.

What a way to end a sucky day.


Yeah I know, short chapter but its just the first.

Oh and the beginning line is from the song A Knife Called Lust by Hollywood Undead.