A wordless conversation, a "you and I" without me.

I sucked in a deep breath and clenched my eyes shut. I blocked off all thoughts and let everything slowly drift away from me. I let my body go loose and felt like something was trying to push up my throat but I kept it at bay. My chest burned but I still held my breath, lost in concentration on not letting go of that breath.

"What are you doing?" I heaved heavily and my breath came in short, quite gasps for a couple of seconds. I opened one eye at the person who had interrupted me. "Trying to kill yourself by not breathing, huh?" Ciera asked looking angry and worried in the same instance. I sat up from my sprawled out position on the floor, it just felt so weird sleeping in that bed even though I was told over and over it was mine. It was sleeping in a strangers bed while they were gone but isn't that what I was doing?

"No, I read online that before you hit unconsciousness that memories come flooding back." I answered logically. I stood up and wobbled a bit before looking at Ciera who pushed her glasses further up her nose and gave me a hard look.

"Did you also know that causes brain cells to die? Sure, you'd have your memories back but you'd be a vegetable." Ciera snapped, more angry than worried now. I gave her a blank look, not the least bit shaken by her anger. It seemed peoples patience with me was getting shorter and shorter and it had only been a week since I started school.

"Sometimes it seems like people rather have it that way." I said honestly, turning around and grabbing the backpack that I had thrown into the light blue bean bag yesterday. I turned around to face Ciera and noticed her shocked expression.

"Kenzie, who would ever give you that idea?" Ciera asked worriedly, taking a step foreword but thinking better of it she stepped back again. It had been decided earlier that the old Kenzie was not a touchy-feely person and neither was I. Especially since it was like strangers that were giving me hugs that they thought were comforting but really weren't.

"Never mind, lets just go to school." I said before walking past her, out of the room. I, or my old self, had a car and a license but with my recent loss of memory they figured it'd be better if I got a ride. Hence the reason Ciera was here to pick me up.

Ciera and I walked to her car all in an uncomfortable silence that stretched all the way to school. I felt a bit bad for upsetting Ciera, for what seemed like the millionth time, but everyone expected to just snap their fingers and the old Kenzie would be back. Yet for some reasons the memories never came back. Not all at once and not even bits and pieces, like the doctors said.

"You remember where your locker is?" Ciera asked, strain apparent in her voice. I bit down the sarcastic remark that I had just lost my memory, not my whole brain.

"Yeah." I answered and walked off in the direction of it. I was upsetting everyone. When, if she ever decides to come back, Kenzie comes back she's going to have a hell of a lot of crap to deal with for what I've managed to screw up in such a short amount of time.

I looked up from my usual gaze on the floor to see a guy get shoved into a locker. I looked in shock as I noticed the guy who did the shoving with Grant. Now out of all "my friends" I liked Grant the most. He never pretended that I didn't have amnesia and he didn't walk on egg shells with me either. Though it was plenty obvious that he was too upset that I had lost all my memories. But to see him push another guy into a locker, on propose, than laugh at him and say, "Watch out moron," was a bit much.

Dark green eyes connected with mine, giving me pure hatred looks. Grant glanced over at me and when he noticed that the guy he had knocked down was now giving me dirty looks he pushed the books right out of the owner of the dark green eyes hands and grabbed his glasses, throwing them into the crowd where they got trampled.

"Hey are you okay?" Grant asked, walking over to me with Tye and Lance. My eyes went wide in shock at the question but I quickly gained my composer.

"Are you serious?" I asked loudly. "Maybe you should ask the guy you just bullied if he is okay!" I yelled angrily and all three guys looked completely shocked and confused by my outburst. I walked over quickly to the guy, grabbing the broken and twisted glasses on my way. I bent over and started to help pick up his papers.

"You're the last person I need defending me." The guy hissed, only loud enough for me to hear. His dark green eyes darted around before focusing on me. I held up some of the papers I had gathered and he snatched them out of my hands. "Leave me alone." He stood up and I stood up with him. I now noticed even though he seemed smaller than Grant, who was south of 6'3 I was sure. This guy stood a good head and shoulders taller than me and had a built of a soccer player. His face, along with the rest of him, was strong and defined. His He had a tan colored band aid over his left cheek bone, his right hand was wrapped up and he had a small cut on the bridge of his nose and on the left side of his jaw.

He turned away from me and stormed down the hall. People were either smart enough to move out of his way or he shoved them away. I clenched my fist angrily and felt a sharp pain shot through the palm of my hand. I unclenched my hand and looked down at the broken glasses, a piece of the glass stabbing into my palm.

"They can be fixed!" A voice that sounded like my own, only worry lacing through it. Everything was so blurry and cloud-like, even the voices.

"No they cant, you fricken broke them you idiot!" All I could tell was it was an angry male voice that shouted it.

"Oh, real mature calling me names and is that the best you could come up with?" Me again, though more annoyed than worry now.

"You broke my glasses!" The guy again, said in aggravation and distress.

"I can fix them, watch." Tape was pulled out and the broken glasses were taped by the nose piece and held up triumphantly. "Tada."

"You've got to be kidding me." But with a sigh the boy grabbed them and put them on.

I gasped as I looked down at the glasses again. There was tape on the nose of them and I was almost positive that what I had just gone through was a memory. I looked up at the retreating back of the guy and knew I had to talk to him again.

Finally getting a wee bit interesting?