stories will be stories

of queens who forgot their chastity belts
& the white rabbit revealed he was gay

"twinkle twinkle little fable
twisted with the fall of Babel
they tell their children happy lies
the real tale comes as a surprise"
- it's been adulterated for children

cinderella stayed a personal slave
the little mermaid became a bubble
snow white stayed a vegetable
sleeping beauty beneath the rubble
(a hundred years & acid rain
can be quite a royal pain)

of never-ageing boys who drank & drove
& the clever spider got squished by accident anyway

"mary had a little lamb
the lion had the mouse
the old lady had all the children
who lived in her shoe-house"
- in all three cases, with butter

king arthur dropped the holy grail
the troll ate the goats gruff
the knave abandoned the queen's tarts
as he preferred cream puffs
(but got his head chopped off anyway,
because he couldn't play croquet)

so next time you read your fairy tales
once the magic has unfurled
remember there are no happy endings
at least not in the real world

-hecate. 4/9/2005

a/n: hey, it rhymes! well, mostly. i like fairy tales, don't you? although in the real world, when life seems fine & dandy, something has to come & rip your throat out na na na.