When I first started writing I wanted to write a line...a verse... a poem... so powerful that it could reach the heavens.

I wondered, what words can I use to impact each and every soul, dead or alive?
I wondered, how I can create my words to become so powerful that it can reach even the ether.
I wondered, if I can write a piece that's so powerful, even the dead can feel my burning passion.

But eventually I snapped back into reality.

Why write for the heavens above or for the hell below?
Why waste a word for the dead when you're alive?
Why not dedicate your passion for you, and only you?

If the word is your life, then the heavens... not needed.
If the word is your soul, then the dead... rest in peace.
If the word is your passion, then it's worth is... the ether and beyond.

Words can't reach the heavens, but they don't need to.