Behind This Mask

Can you not see what you are to me
Behind this mask of friendship?
You are the biggest wave in this emotion-filled sea,
Yet you do not know, or seem not to care.
My world without you is filled with sorrow,
But always, always, I must wait for tomorrow.

Do you not comprehend what I feel
Behind this mask of joy?
Why can't you glimpse the feelings I conceal
And heal my broken soul?
You are all I need to be free.
Please, please belong to me.

Why do you not realize how I hurt
Behind this mask of nonchalance?
Fragments of sorrow is all that I feel, it's too late to revert,
I don't know how I ever lived without you.
You don't deserve my love, I can feel my frustration,
But next to you, I can't suppress my elation.

You do not understand who I am
Behind these masks of mine.
Why is it my emotions you've chosen to cram
Into the overflowing space of my heart?
Dearly beloved is what you are to me,
But I'll never be the same to thee.