He's angry again

I try to talk to him

That was the biggest mistake

He starts to pound on me

I realize that he is drunk

As I try to fight back his grip gets tighter

Taking my head he pounds my head on the wall

He does this several times

I cry and plead

But it only makes it worse

He starts to call me a Bitch and a Whore

Blood is starting to trickle from my mouth and nose

I can see so much anger in his eyes

Grabbing a handful of my hair he drags me around the house

The taste of blood is strong in my mouth

I cry more and he starts to beat my face

Then everything goes black

When I wake up I am bound to the bed

I'm bruised, bloody, and naked

He walks out of the bathroom and smiles

He gets back on the bed and crawls on top of me

'Not Again' my mind screams and I close my eyes