Place – city/country not defined; takes place in and around Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School.

Time – year not defined, starts late January.


Akemi Williams – Akemi is a junior currently attending Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School; she has long chestnut hair, dark brown eyes, is around 5'6". Likes to read, some needlework, listen to music. Likes writing and illustrating short anime pieces. Dislikes dresses. Dislikes girls who: flirt, pout, cry/giggle excessively, and scream. Darien's roommate.

Darien Suzaku – Darien is a junior attending Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School as of January 28; has been released from a juvenile detention center and has previously attended a rehabilitation center. He has dark brown hair, dark to the point where it is nearly black. Eyes are golden; he uses light green contacts to conceal them. 5'8". He is at first cold and hostile to all at the school. Akemi's roommate.

Lucy Jennon – Lucy is the owner of a tiny embroidery shop named "Lucy's Stitcheries" and looks forward to seeing Akemi, who is a regular customer. She is a brunette, on the short side at 5'2".

Toroshi Adams – Toroshi is a senior at Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School and the "head" of one of several popular groups. He is somewhat of a bully. He has light brown hair and cold blue eyes. 6'1".

Mika Anwar – Mika is a cute, ditzy, bubbly blonde with big baby blues, who gossips a lot. She is a junior at Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School. 5'2".

Bert Hadsworthe – Head principal at Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School. His great-great-great grandfather and friend are the founders of the school. Dislikes being called Bert. Likes three-piece suits and shiny brown loafers.

Makito Kumenzo – Makito is a junior at Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School, very much a bookworm and, though it doesn't look like it, a computer freak. A very good soccer player. She is around 5'4", with short brown hair and blue eyes.

Brian Peterson – Brian is a junior at Hadsworthe-Tait Boarding School, very smart. He is a computer geek, and likes calculus. Wishes he could be a bit taller. Nicknamed the ever-popular name "Shrimp" by people like Toroshi Adams. Has brown hair, blue eyes, and is 5'2".