Am I supposed to do this?
To be here?
I know I want to, but I shouldn't.

I've went over my plans a million times,
all in my head, and it can always fail.

I've listed them to myself, every one Every goddamned reason, and I'll blow it.
When don't I screw up around you?

I didn't think my heart would ever..., not ever. It would never...
b-b...break, not for a worthless human.
That's what I'd said.

But I don't think you're human,
because I could have any human,
if I wanted a human. But I want...
No, sorry, I NEED
I need you.

It just isn't right to tell you this.
No one mortal could melt me,
could shatter this facade like it was tissue paper.

How did you do it?
How did you capture me with a smile,
a witty comment, a simple gesture?
How can you be oblivious to this fact?

What are you? An angel, a demon, an immortal being?
Because I don't cave in to any human.
I don't fall for sparkling eyes, and long lashes,
For a charming smile and a warm laugh.
I said I'd never surrender to a sharp mind and good taste,
because I have too much to think about...
And love was never a priority.

A/N: Personal stuff. Hope you enojyed it. That sounds weird...oo