Star crossed lovers

Getting tangled along the way

Ending up

Galaxies away

But I know it was supposed to be

Can't stand to think of things

Any other way

Listening to the sound of

Stars raining down on me

As I dance forever

Lying motionless and dreaming

Only of you

Forgetting fears in

Memories floating away

Wind teasing locks of hair

Separated and

Swept away

Kisses on lips lingering

Never quite forgotten

But never quite remembered

A distance yet to be traveled

Struggle on

Trying to make it work

When we know it can't happen

Glistening eyes

Stolen from summer suns
A brief respite from
The reality we don't know exists

Cheshire cat moons stealing

Whispers of words

Smile because

The jar you held so tight

Secrets locked up safe

Is shattered glass on the floor

Useless now because

Now matter how you

Try to pick up the pieces

Things will never be the same

You will always be gone

And I

Will always love you