-Authors Note-:

((Please note that the beginning of my story will have a LOT of grammatical mistakes and all that jazz. I started writing this draft of the story over a year ago. The first three chapters also were in a notebook and when I transferred them and I didn't think much of fixing it up. I've evolved a lot in my writing since then so if you continue on you will see less mistakes, and better writing.))

This concept (Fairy Crystals) has been in my head for a long time . . . Four about five or six years actually!! . . . The characters, plot, setting, etc. have all changed by now but it's weird . . . I've actually had like four different stories I have worked on about the crystals but each of them evolved with different people and stuff . . . This is the best so far and I am working on it.

I would love to get 'this is an awesome story!' comments, but anything that can help make it better is appreciated 100 percent more.

Also, if you have an idea on any publishers, or anything they are looking for, then that's also appreciated because after a LOT of work is done to my story, I may actually consider getting it Published/Copy Write/And Sold.

Please do NOT Flame. If you honestly don't like it, then don't bother reading it, with as many topics on FictionPress as there are, then go find one you like. I want constructive criticism so I can make my story better. If you're one of those people who are weird and read it just so they could tell me they hate it, then tell me why you hate it so I may consider revising it.

Also, go ahead and tell me what you like and don't like about the characters too. And most likely if you R&R my story, I will try and return the favor.

So Enjoy!! And Thanks tons!!