"Delving Deeply"
Chevalier Mal Fet

Michael McCormick

Delving deeply into infamy

Finding faults seldom seen.

Poets oppose debased beauty

Battling bravely for doomed desire.

Makeshift morals weaken the will

Changing children who Value vulgarity

Crippling culture leads their Play

Society sways its foundation faltering.

Proudly pregnant daughters defy

Failing fathers and broken bearers.

Their girl's gets founded at fourteen.

Drug dazed delinquents dream,

euphoric escapes from base debauchery,

driven down by worldly woe.

Raise High those Half-lives, glorified gaily

in societies show. Living lost

the poet pleads like a harrowed hart.

Though fighting ferociously those lovers of life

Give ground before lascivious citizens.

The tenders of truth by the base are bound.