Traveling the dusty road of life

I've wandered long stretches of the world

Past the times of hardship and strife

I managed to find a light of hope to hold

Standing against the desolated landscape

Searching aimlessly for a sudden miracle

Even as I reach out to part the haze

I can feel time slipping from my grasp


The storm rises, howling from the West

A symphony to this deep desperation in me

But even as I plunge into the heart of turmoil

A light that lingers on, eternally bright

Stays in comfort as the storm rages

I have found, finally, a reason to go on

Huddled amidst the dark and faltering shadow

Waiting, patiently, for the haze to fade


Simply to see the clear of sky, once moreā€¦


September 4, 2005


A/N: Poem dedication to soul emotion for providing the topic request "Sandstorm". Hope you all enjoyed.