Raindrops falling from the sky

Pitter-pattering their little design

An ancient beat upon the ground

And as I turn, I see them all around

Raindrops bouncing off my head

Wetting my hair; drip, drip, drip

Soft little kisses falling from the sky

Peppering my skin, the feeling so divine

I love to walk alone in the rain

Raindrops splashing down, wasing away the pain

Off my shoulders, this weight

Raindrops washing away the hate

A peaceful rhythm of raindrops bouncing

Off the roof of a tin house, drowning

Watching the pools of water grow

I always wondered how it would go

If it kept going, a deep watery hole

Raindrops, the breath of life

Without them, plants and animals die

A simple pleasure in a world complex

And people take it for granted