The world has gone sour

The winter winds have begun to flour

An ice age in the making

humanity at point breaking

Laughter cold rises to the sky

Eerily bouncing here and nigh

The antichrist, this devil

And here comes the falling anvil

The world has ended

Because nobody repented

And Lucifer is dancing upon our graves

As millions of dead souls begin to pray

Asking why god has forsaken

The trees become a fiery hell

The sound of insidious laughter, our death knell

And the sky becomes liquid black

Falling down upon our backs

Our graves, our sleeping bodies

Falling apart, rotting

Slipping away into nothingness

why has god forsaken us

The world has been ended

Because nobody had repented

Lucifer dancing upon our graves

Who to stand up to him but the brave

Souls being vanquished upon contact

All a dream we have

Every night, a nightmare bad

And then we awake

To find the nightmare has taken place

In our reality, our seeming density

The scent of death and decay intensity

And it all becomes a lie

All that we ever live for, we die

And nothingness hangs by our sides

The world has come to an end

For every person that did not repent

Nothingness swirling, in the darkness taking

Every soul, is it's for the breaking

And nothingness becomes our soft embrace