There was definitely something wrong with the scenery. Mainly because Thomas didn't remember the house having so much dirt on the floor.

Oh wait. Now he remembered. One moment he was standing on the windowsill, three stories up, relaxing on the towel that had been left there to dry. The next moment, the towel slipped, and he plummeted towards the ground.

Good thing the towel cushioned the fall.

But what should he do now? His surroundings were completely unfamiliar! Oh, maybe he should stand perfectly still. Yes, what a wonderful idea! Sit perfectly still and nothing bad could possibly happen.

But what was that? Oh... that annoying kid that occupied his living space. He was irritating. He never wanted to play and never gave him food. Now he was slowly approaching.

It suddenly occur to Thomas to jerk violently left and maybe make a run for it.

Aha, the kid was leaving. Good.

Now, what to do about this unnerving situation? Oh, yes. The plan was to sit perfectly still.

Uh-oh. The kid returned and he was bringing the lady that always petted him when passing by. She was slightly less annoying, but Thomas couldn't be bothered. He suddenly decided to make a run for it.

Stealthily (or so he thought), Thomas made a daring escape and retreated to a near-by bush. No good, the Annoying Duo were still hot on his tail. But now they were joined by a fat kid he'd never seen before.

Maybe if he...

(Half and hour later)

"Where's Tommy, did you get him?"

"More like he got me."

"Whoa. Those some nasty scratches. Did he do that while trying to run away?"

"No. While I was carrying him back. He scratched me right through the sleeve! Next time the stupid cat falls out the window, it's goodbye and good riddance!"

Somewhere in the house, the spotted grey cat was gloating.

The End

Author Note: Based on a true event. My frickin' arm hurts and I swear Tom's congratulating himself.