Wait a minute

Wait till I have made up my mind

Just please hang on

I need some time to decide

This is all to much

Everything has happened in a blur

All this time we have wasted

Has passed without a word

Please just hang on

I need to clear my view

Wipe these tears from my eyes

Wait one more minute

Till you decide you've lost it all

I've been waiting for you so long

My world has been destroyed by you

Without you even noticing

So hang on one more minute

Till its all over again.

Time to move on

It's been a long time since I saw your eyes

To long I can see

All that time I spent wondering about you

Look where that ended me.

It's been to long since I heard your voice

You've cancelled all your calls

Unanswered texts, seem to become more

I can't really blame you

Everything you know is truth

Its been a time since I saw you

I know you don't care though

So this is goodbye.