Oh wretched that I am!

How can I be free from this deep entanglement?

What a fool I'll ever be

Building up the fortress of my own entrapment

The stones are cold and black as sin

All light quickly flees this gloomy dungeon

The air is close the heat intense

I struggle to breathe, something's crushing my lungs in

Release me from

My self-entrapment

Crush my pride

I want to be a slave to You

Call me crazy call me fool

I'm tattered inside by a war that's raging

It's not a matter of choice

This rotten flesh is never better with aging

It's always been the same excuse

I can't control this flesh that's dragging me deeper

Step up and make a stand

But let Him have control or you'll be left to the reaper

And still the circle goes around

I know just what to do, so why don't I do it?

Every time I try I fail

But I never give control away until I lose it

Tear me away from hooks of sin

Catch and release has never been the Devil's game

My wounds are small compared to Yours

So separate me from my earthly frame