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Save Me Save Me

The judge looked at Pixie, trying not to be intimidated by that blank stare he received in return. The case had gone on like this, luckily it hadn't lasted long. It hadn't lasted long mostly because the kid in question couldn't ever keep his lunch down. And he screamed whenever someone touched him. Everyone was tired, his presence wore them out. It was like walking on egg shells.

He took a deep breath before continuing on, "Your sentence shall be confinement in a mental hospital until you are deemed fit for society." The gavel pounded. "Court is adjourned."

The judge had it easy. The officers in charge of Pixie were the ones ready to murder the kid. He was always vomiting. He wasn't sick. He just vomited everywhere. Every day. Almost every minute. They had to clean the back of the car once a day because of him. And though Pixie never aimed at anything in particular, half the time they had to clean their uniform at the end of the day because of him. It was gross and exhausting. A cop wasn't supposed to do this shit. And then there was the matter of getting Pixie to move on his own. He never listened when they said he needed to move, but the second they laid a finger on him the kid started screaming. Screaming for god knows what reason. It was a terrified scream that was normally followed up by that damned puking. If only they could sew his mouth shut, that'd fix some problems.

It was a relief for the cops when they heard the sentence. All that was left was to take him to the mental institution; there was a light at the end of this long, distressing, puke filled tunnel. They would be rid of the kid finally. What a relief.

The puking and screaming wasn't over with the thud of the gavel though, they did have to get Pixie back to the car, out of the car and into the institute after all. Somehow they managed and were almost not resentful of the vomit that ended up on their shoes in the process.

They grinned when the nurse reached out for Pixie, almost snickering when the boy screamed out at the contact, instantly pulling away, fear in his eyes. Ah, yes, they wouldn't have to deal with that shit anymore. They turned away, almost giddy with happiness that this boy was someone else's problem now.

Pixie had it worse than the cops. He couldn't stop vomiting. Everything made him nauseous. He was always listening. Listening to everyone talking about him. Listening to everyone talking about what he did. He lost control of himself and now everyone thought he was a freak. He lost control of his voice. He couldn't force any words out. All he could do was listen. Listen and stare blankly ahead. He didn't process anything visually anymore. He sensed the world with his eyes but didn't perceive things. He listened but didn't react. He had lost control of his body. It liked to remain stationary with the exceptions of vomiting. He was happy just standing or sitting in one place and not moving. Well, happy wasn't the word. He hated that less than he hated everything else. He hated listening to them talk, but that's all he could do. Listen. Be a ghost. He was almost inanimate. He certainly wasn't considered human anymore with the way they talked. According to the world, he was just something that puked on everything that occasionally screamed upon contact. He didn't mean to scream, but he had no control of himself. He was trapped inside himself, not able to control anything.

He screamed when she touched him. He hadn't seen it coming. Contact reminded him of him. He had grabbed Pixie. It hurt. It scared him. And now she scared him. She was touching him.

She wasn't touching him. He stopped screaming. Everyone was looking at him. The police officers were trying not to laugh. He hated the officers. He hated everyone. They needed to stop staring. He wanted control again. Instead he followed the nurse to the common area. It was only a few steps away.

He was beginning to feel nauseous. He wrapped his arms around his stomach. That was the warning sign, but obviously no one at the hospital kept tabs on his case. It was on TV now. He was a hot topic to discuss on the news. Just like his father had been. Pixie cringed. Thinking of his father made him nauseous.

It was coming out again. He wasn't even sure he had eaten today, and yet he never failed to get something to leave his stomach. The nurse didn't know what to do. She knew she'd have to clean that up. She said something to him, asking him if he was okay or something. He wasn't listening to her, there was ringing in his ears. His face felt hot. He needed to sit down.

He plopped down on the ground, right next to the vomit. His mouth was agape, his eyes wide and glazed over.

"I'm surprised you haven't died of dehydration yet."

Pixie blinked, clearing his vision. He involuntarily looked over at the boy who spoke. He looked bored. He had dark red hair, light blue eyes and an expression of indifference. He was towering over Pixie. When did he get so close? He snuck up on Pixie out of nowhere. His ears were each pierced a million times. He had sleeves of tattoos, but Pixie couldn't make out what they were. He was wearing a black t-shirt with apparently a long-sleeved fishnet shirt on underneath. He had skinny jeans on. Skinny tight jeans.

"You're always barfing."

He tilted his head, cracking his knuckles. He clenched and unclenched his fists, watching Pixie.

"You lose a lot of water that way."

Pixie felt dizzy.

"Just like when you have diarrhea."

"You're distressing him, Nash," the nurse said, "Please—" She stopped in the middle of her sentence as Pixie began to stand up. He was shaky like a fawn, not used to his own legs.

He started falling but the redhead caught him.



Author's note and Info on Fairy Tales: Each chapter in it will be a separate.. vignette? Is that the word I want? It's not all going to be Pixie in the mental hospital. But that's the recurring scenario. And everything else will be past experiences, future ones & AUs. I've been excited about writing Fairy Tales, but I knew I couldn't write it until I finished Pixie Sticks and I've been dreading writing/fixing this final chapter. Gomen. I know I only told you what happened to Pixie, but uhhhhh you'll find out what happened to everyone else in Fairy Tales. Thanks for reading and bearing with these erratic updates.