S p e a k in g I n S e n t e n c e s

Chapter One: In a Totally Non-Stalkerish Way

"I swear, if I didn't know you better I'd say you were gay."

Obviously, you don't know me well enough.

"I mean seriously, why is it taking you so long to get ready for your date? Just pick something."

I turned around and faced Joey. "Fine, you pick something for me."

Joey rolled his eyes at me then got up from my bed and went over to the closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt- correction, a pair of ugly, baggy jeans and an oversized shirt.

I wrinkled my nose. "I'm not wearing that."

"Why not? What could possibly be wrong with it?" asked Joey.

"Well, first of all, the jeans are huge and not to mention ugly and the shirt doesn't fit me," I huffed.

"Correction, Matt Veilan (Must he always use my last name? Argh.), these jeans fit, unlike yours which fit like girl's pants, I wouldn't be surprised if they were… same goes for your shirts." Joey smirked

Die, Joey, die. Is it such a crime to want to wear clothes that fit? I think not.

"Meh, whatever, I'll just wear some jeans—not those—and a button up shirt."

"Yes, good, great. Just please don't tell me it's going to take you another hour to figure out which shoes to wear."


It was very cold and I was standing outside on Jessica Akert's doorstep knocking on the door over and over again. I have come to the conclusion to never, ever leave Joey alone at the lunch table again, terrible things happen.

See, today during lunch I was very thirsty and very naïve, oh so naïve. I had left Joey alone at the lunch table for no more then a minute to get a soda. During that minute it seems that Jessica came over to our table and started talking to Joey. Apparently, she asked him where I was because she needed to ask me something. Jessica told him she wanted to ask me out on a date and he said, "Really? Matt's been dying to ask you out for months, he never knew you liked him." Which was of course a total outright lie. I never said that and I never would say that. She's a girl, ew. Anyways, I somehow ended up having a date at 6:00 that night. I seriously need to work up the courage to tell Joey I'm gay.

Finally! The door, it opened. A short boy around fifteen clad in very tight black pants and a gray shirt stood in the doorway staring at me. He had an odd expression on his face. "Erm… hello. I'm guessing you're Jessica's date, right?"

"Yeah." Honestly I was too busy looking at him to pay attention to what he was saying. He was very, very hot.

He rolled his eyes. "Well do you want to come in?"

"Erm, yeah." No, I want to stand out here in this wonderful freezing weather. Weird kid.

When we were inside he pointed to the black leather sofa. "You can wait there for Jessica, it might take her a while to get ready."

He was about to head up the stairs when I stopped him. "Are you Jessica's brother?"


"Hmm…weird, I never knew she had a brother. What's your name?"

He lowered his long black eyelashes around his pale green eyes. "Jon."

Jon. Jon and Jessica, parents are weird. "So, Jon, Do you go to the same school as Jessica?"

Jon finally got the hint that I wasn't anywhere near finished asking questions. He sat on the sofa next to me. "Yeah."

"Oh, fun, fun. I'm a junior. I'm guessing you're a sophomore?" Come on kid; say something else. Speak! Speak in sentences; I know you can do it!

Jon nodded. His brown hair highlighted with blond streaks feel in his face covering his eyes. "Yeah."

We were silent for a little bit. So I started studying Jon. I noticed his eyes were outlined with what looked like black eyeliner. It actually seemed to suit him unlike many people I've seen attempt that look. I've decided I like this guy. Well, if he would actually talk. I tried my last attempt to get more then a 'yeah' out of him. "So... boxers or briefs?" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the million dollar question.

"Wh…what?" Jon's eyes seemed to double in size.

"You heard me, boxers or briefs?"

"Umm… I have the right to remain silent?" he tried.

"Oh come on. I myself am a boxer man. Now, boxers or briefs?" A small smile crept onto my face. Jon was looking at me like I was insane. This kid seriously didn't get out often. A simple question like that bothered him so much.

Jon mumbled something that sounded like "Both."

I started giggling. I mean laughing. I don't giggle. Jon sent me a stare that spelled out that I better stop laughing if I value my life. I patted his head and said, "You're cute." I have no clue why I said that but I doubt it scared him anymore then he already was.

Right before Jon had the chance to give me another murderess glare Jessica came down the staircase swishing her short light brown hair as she started yelling at Jon.

She walked up to him and pointed one of her perfectly manicured nails at him.

"Jon! Get out of here, you freak! I told you to stay up in your room." Jessica turned to me and said in what was supposed to be an apologetic voice. "I'm really sorry, Matt. He wasn't supposed to be here. I told him to spend the night at one of his friend's house but I guess I forgot that he doesn't have any."

Okay, that scared me. She scared me. If I had a brother like Jon the last thing I'd do was yell at him. I'd be proud at him for making human contact, but whatever. I wasn't going to let her talk to him like that though. I mean seriously, what was she thinking? Did she really think I'd want to date her after seeing her talk to her own brother like that?

I looked over at Jon who started to slowly retreat up the staircase. I glanced over at Jessica and said, "You're insane." I walked up the stairs grabbed Jon's hand and pulled him after me and out the door.


Now that wins the 'Most Random Thing I've Ever Done' award. I just grabbed Jon and pulled him out of the house. I had no clue where I was going to take him. All I know is that he needed to get out of the house and I did not want to be around Jessica.

When we reached the end of the sidewalk that led to his house Jon tugged on my arm.

"Umm… what are you going?"

"We're going somewhere, I just don't know where exactly yet," I replied. Great, just great, I sound like a creepy stalker/rapist dude.

"Okay… why?"

I pushed black strands of hair out of my eyes. "Why what?"

I knew exactly, why what, but I was curious to see how much exactly I could get out of him.

"Why did you drag me out of my own house?"

"Because you're sister is a psycho freak and she scares me. And you seriously need to get out of your house." I said.

Jon bit his lip. "Why do you care?"

"Because I don't like seeing people getting walked all over. Plus I like you, in a totally non-stalkerish way."

Jon just nodded.

We started walking down the block till we got to a park, and then we sat down on the grass. We were silent for a while till I asked him why his sister didn't go after him when we left.

"Eh, she doesn't care. She's probably happy I left. And she's too full of herself to go running after you. She's going to be pissed when I get back though."

I smiled. "You're speaking in sentences…"


We sat in the park for almost a half an hour just sitting and randomly asking questions. Well actually I did most of the asking and Jon did most of the sitting. He didn't seem like he was uncomfortable though, which was nice. I was tempted to ask why he was so shy but I doubt he'd like that.

"So, why'd you agree to go out with my sister? Actually why would anyone agree to go out with her?" I swear I almost gasped, Jon asked a question and started his own conversation, my little boy's growing up so fast.

"Jessica asked my friend Joey if I'd like to go out with her. I had nothing to do with it."

"…then why didn't you say no when you found out?"

"Um… Because I'm nice like that?"

Jon laughed. "Whatever. Anyways what time is it?"

I glanced at my cell phone. "It's 7:30. Not too late. Are you in any hurry to go back home?"

"Umm… no."

I smirked. "Good boy, now let's go get some dinner. I have some money, which I was going to use to pay for dinner with Jessica, but that isn't going to happen. So, you can be my new date!" Jon once again stared at me like I was insane. I just grinned. "What? I'm not good enough for you to be my date? Fine. Be like that you… meany."

Jon just laughed.


We decided to order a pizza and then take it back to my house.

We were at the pizza place standing in line behind a couple who couldn't decide whether to get two large pepperoni pizzas or one large pepperoni and one medium. Since I knew this was going to take a while I went back to questioning Jon, but this time about pizza. Shock horror, I know.

"So, Jon, what type of pizza do you like?"

"It doesn't matter, whatever you like is fine. It's your money after all." I rolled my eyes at that statement. I'm coming to the conclusion it's going to take a while to train Jon.

"It may be my money but I asked you what type of pizza you like. Got it? So let me try this again, what type of pizza do you like?"


"…Just cheese?"


"Have you tried anything besides just cheese?"


"Okay then." I sighed.

Finally I walked up to the counter with Jon and got a large pizza with everything on it. I always find it fun to order it that way and take the junk I don't like off. I smiled at him when I noticed the evil glare on his face. I guess a pizza with everything on it wasn't exactly his style. Who would have guessed? Oh well, I'm doing my civil duty to make him branch out from the normal 'all cheese'.


When Jon and I were making our way into the kitchen with the absolutely one hundred percent healthy yet greasy pizza in my hands I found my mom eating what looked to be some sort of sandwich-type-thing.

She gave me an odd look. "Weren't you supposed to be on a date?" she questioned then pointed at Jon. "Who's that?

I rolled my eyes at my mother's bluntness. "I was supposed to be on a date but then I found out that Jessica's Satan's spawn." I looked over to Jon who smiled. "This is Jon, he's Jessica's brother who has no relation to Satan at all. Anyways we're going upstairs to eat some pizza."

I had turned to leave the kitchen when Jon started speaking to my mother.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Umm… Veilan." Then with a nod he turned and left the kitchen with me and we headed up to my room.

I sat down on my bed and opened the pizza box. Jon looked at the pizza in fear.

"Mhmm." I wonder if I sound as sexy as he does when he says it…

Jon wrinkled his nose (Must. Not. Pounce.). "And you think I'm crazy for just liking cheese pizzas."

I took out a piece and started eating. "Eh, just try it. You can take the stuff you don't like off of it."

"Which is why we need napkins!"

I pulled out a roll of paper towels out from under my bed. Yes, I keep those there. I eat up here a lot. Saves time and effort. I threw the paper towels at him. "Eat! You could do with a little meat on your bones."

Jon took a piece of pizza, "Fine…" He slowly took a bite and chewed it.

"Faster, faster!"

Jon put down his pizza. "Something is seriously wrong with you."

I rolled my eyes and jumped on Jon's lap grabbing the pizza. "You will eat it. Now open your mouth and take a bite." Jon obeyed and took a relatively big bite. I smiled. After I realized what I had just done I quickly got off his lap. Hopefully I hadn't scarred him for life. I quickly went back to eating my pizza.

We were both silent for a few moments till Jon finally said something. "Should I be getting back home?"

I frowned. "Do you want to go?"

"Not really, no."

I grinned. "You could stay the night. Unless your parents would mind or if you didn't want to or whatever."

"My parents are on vacation, which was partly the reason why Jessica asked you out."

I put on a high-pitched voice. "Oh well then good, you can stay! We can play dollies and house and umm… tell secrets and dress up! Oh this'll be so much fun!"

"Yeah, exactly what I was thinking…"