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Chapter 5: Arch Enemy

I couldn't sleep at all last night.

Oh how could I? Nick's voice was still echoing in my mind.

Because I love you too… Because I love you… Because I love…

Oh Nick…my Nick… if only he knew that he had made me become the happiest woman in the world. Though, unfortunately, even the happiest woman in the world still had to go to school.

"You've got eye bags. Horrible ones!" greeted Chloe during homeroom.

I gave her a smile that could even melt butter, and said, "Thanks!", which made her stop in her tracks. She looked around anxiously, and when she was sure no one was looking—or listening—she bent towards me and whispered, "So…you've done it with Nick or what?"

"Sorry?" I said, still smiling. Apparently, not only that I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't stop smiling either.

"It! You know, as in, yeah…"

I almost screamed, "If you mean that he finally said he loves me, then yes!" but I remembered to keep it low at the last minute or Annoying Kate would come and hunt me again.

Chloe slapped her forehead in frustration, "No! That's not what I mean! How can you be so dim sometime? What I mean is—HE WHAT??!!"

I shushed her immediately, but I couldn't help laughing at her. Not only because of her super slow reaction, but also because I WAS happy.

"You have to tell me everything!" she said excitedly, "EVERYTHING!" But as I was just about to do so, Mr. Monotone boomed at us that he had something important to announce. Since usually Mr. Monotone's idea of importance always involved bacteria or ice worms, no one really paid attention to him. Except Chloe, and that was only because, as she explained, she was a student leader representing the school population and one of the very few students who actually worked hard to maintain the school's reputation as the best Catholic mission school in New York. And when Chloe was in the middle of doing her duty, nothing could stop her. Not even her best friend's love affair.

So the two of us listened to Mr. Monotone telling no one in particular about a new transfer student joining our class. But before I managed to heave a sigh of relief because he hadn't rambled on about desulforudis audaxviator or whatever biological rubbish he forced us to learn, I almost choked myself to death on my own saliva when I saw who the transfer student was. It might have been five years since I last saw her but I could never forget that irritatingly, over-confident smile that was always pasted on her face or the flaming red hair tumbling gloriously around her shoulder.

She is Lisa Johnson, my childhood friend as well as archenemy. Why on earth was she here?

"Hi everyone!" she smiled as brilliantly as the sun, "My name is Melissa Johnson, but you can just call me Lisa."

By now everyone was paying attention, especially the boys. Well, who could blame them? Not everyday you'd find a pretty girl walking into your class and becoming your new classmate. And Lisa was even way prettier than Kate, who was supposedly the best-looking girl in our school.

"I think I would like to join the cheerleading squad in this school," Lisa continued, flashing her 100-watt smile, "and the Student Council." Did I mention that Lisa was also an all-rounder, like Chloe?

Some of the stupid boys at the back of the class were starting hooting non-sense but she ignored them like they were nothing other than dirt under her soles and turned to Mr. Monotone to ask, "Do you happen to know Magenta Williams? I heard she's in this school."

I sank lower in my seat when she mentioned my name. Now what? She was finally going to take revenge on me?

Mr. Monotone stupidly replied, "If you mean the Magenta Jones who has become Magenta Cleaver, then there she is! Third row from the back."

I really felt like killing Mr. Monotone and his ice worms but I got better things to worry about. Chloe was tugging on my sleeve with a who-is-that-girl look, but I didn't reply her because I could feel Lisa's eyes burning onto my head.

"Magenta, you…" she said in an obviously controlled voice, "You MARRIED Nick?!"

Everyone was looking at me now.

After spending ten years squirming on my seat, I slowly put up my right hand and said uncertainly, "Y-yes…"

I could hear Chloe whispering to me from the backseat "Why are you putting up your hand? She's not a teacher, you know. The one standing beside her is", and some girls at the front muttering "You think Johnson is Nick's mistress or something?" . Thank God the bell rang before Lisa could deliver her deathblow, and I dragged Chloe out of the class to our first period faster than Lisa could say "STOP".

"Well, okay," reasoned Chloe when we were safely hidden in the Student Council room during lunch break as usual, "So, this Lisa girl is actually your love rival since a long time ago? And that she has come back now to avenge you? And that she is going to kill you sooner than you thought because you've married her prince charming a.k.a Nick?"

"I guess so," I said weakly, "But that's not the problem, you see…"

Chloe threw her arms up in the air in irritation. "What else can the problem be? Nick loves you! That Lisa girl can't do anything about it, can she?"

"Yes, but…" I stuttered as I recalled a particularly depressing event from the past, "Nick used to like her too, you know."

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Yeah, and how long ago is that?"

"I know I shouldn't be worried, but just look at her!" I protested, "No normal boy would not fall in love with her!"

Chloe came over and put her arms around me in assurance. "Magenta, dear…You should have more confidence in yourself! I mean, so what if Lisa's pretty? Nick doesn't care about that! He loves you."

I tried to smile at her, "You're right…I can be a little paranoid sometimes—" I froze mid-sentence because I heard Scott's voice just outside the door. And he wasn't alone.

"Hey, so what's up with that new girl?" I heard Scott asking, "Your ex-girlfriend?"

"Yeah, right," came the reply from the love of my life, "We're just childhood friends. She and Magenta and I used to be the best of friends."

I almost puked all over the floor when I heard that. My husband could be a little bit blind sometimes. Lisa and I had never, ever, been friends, and he was the main reason why we ended up that way.

As the door clicked open, I felt Chloe grabbing my arm and pulling me into the toilet. I was about to ask her what in the name of Hitler's pants and matching bra was she doing but she signaled me to hush, and pressed her ear onto the door so that she could listen to the boys' conversation. Sometimes, I forgot about her strange hobbies.

"I heard she's in Magenta's homeroom class," continued Scott, "I hope nothing happens between them." The sound of paper shuffling told me that he was looking for something. "Where the hell is the Student Council Administration file?" he asked.

Chloe stared at me in horror and I looked down at her hands to see her holding a red ring file with the labeling 'Administration' on the cover.

"How should I know where that file is?" replied Nick distractedly, "And what do you mean you hope nothing happens?"

"Well, if the new girl is your ex-girlfriend, she must have been Magenta's love rival then," said Scott in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, "I could have sworn I left the file here yesterday."

"For heaven's sake, she is not my ex-girlfriend! Have you been listening?" insisted Nick, "And forget about the file! We need to see Mr. Clearwater about today's match."

Scott heaved one final sigh before he reluctantly left the room.

"Phew…I'll just erm…" said Chloe with a guilty face, "Leave the file here as he expects it to be."

As we left the room, I told Chloe wisely, "Now I know why you choose Scott. He's smart, not like my husband. He doesn't even know the difference between a best friend and an arch enemy."

This time she had to agree.

If you asked me, soccer was actually a very boring game. To summarize it all, soccer is practically nothing but a stupid sport where twenty-two fools, who had nothing better to do, would kick a ball around in a ridiculously huge field without making any goal. To be honest, I think American Football is way better. At least in American Football, you are not only allowed to kick the ball, but also hit the ball, pass the ball, catch the ball, throw the ball, as well as throw each other around too. It is like mixing all kind of sports together with wrestling. Who could resist something that fun?

But to Nick, nothing could be as fun as kicking a ball around aimlessly (a.k.a soccer), so as a good wife, I came to watch his match against St. Rudolph Academy that afternoon, although, if you asked me, I would rather go home to plan the menu for tonight's dinner. However, the deep regret that I felt was soon erased when I saw Nick entering the field in his red and white jersey and looking so utterly, indescribably handsome he simply took my breathe away.

"Ah, he's just so gorgeous, isn't he?" I sighed dreamily.

"Yeah, he looks a bit like Zac Efron, don't you think?"

"No, he is NOT! Nick is way cooler than—" I stopped dead when I saw the owner of the Zac-Efron-opinion. Lisa Johnson.

"Hi, Magenta," she smiled the sweetest smile, "It's been a long time. Really long time…"

"Ah, er, Lisa…" I stammered like a tongue-tied idiot, "Wh-what are you doing here?"

Her fake smile was finally replaced by her true, deadliest glare. "To take back what originally belongs to me, of course."

I tried to avert my gaze from hers or I was sure I would turn into a stone. "No, I mean…what are you doing in this soccer match? Not what are you doing here in school? Do you get it?"

She was practically spitting at me now. "Of course I get what you mean, you dim airhead! You never changed at all, do you?"

It was now the time for me to make a comeback. I smiled at her innocently, "Why, of course I've changed. A lot, actually. I mean, just a few weeks ago, I was Magenta Williams and now, I'm Magenta Cleaver, the legal wife of–"

"Oh, shut up!!" she screamed in that shrilly, witch-liked voice of hers, scaring a few freshmen sitting in front of us, "Nick would never marry you on his own accord! Not Nick! No way in hell he would!"

My voice was getting shrilly too, "Oh yeah? Why don't you ask him yourself, you self-centered jerk-ass!"

My last shout-out was followed by a rather long silence, and that was when I realized that most of the people on the stadium seats were watching us instead of the match. Lisa, however, didn't seem to notice, or she just couldn't be bothered about it. And to my horror, she actually replied, "Fine, I'll ask him myself!" and marched down straight into the field, ignoring the coach's hey-what-do-you-think-you're-doing as well as the referee's warning whistles.

She was seriously mad beyond words. WAY beyond.

She walked straight to the confused looking Nick and asked him something I couldn't hear but understand. Nick turned his attention towards the seat as if he was searching for someone, and I felt an overwhelming urge to duck and hide under the seat.

"What's going on?" asked a familiar voice from beside me, and I jumped straight into her arms.

"Hey, hey, it's alright now," she patted my head as if I was her baby daughter, "By the way, what's that vixen doing in the field? Has she gone bonkers and decided to join the male soccer club?"

I quickly whispered to her what had just happened between Lisa and me. To my surprise, she just laughed like it was the most amusing thing she had ever heard.

"So you two are really fighting over him, huh?" she laughed, "That'll be quite entertaining. Actually, it is already entertaining. I mean, just look at her! Uh-oh, speak of the devil…"

Lisa's glare was more deadly that Medusa's poison as she approached me. And in a voice that sounded unnatural to be coming from a sixteen-year-old sweetheart like her, she stated, "You win the battle this time, you fat cow. But that doesn't mean you'll win the war. I'll get him sooner that you can say sorry. Just you watch." And she left us gaping after her.

After a long goldfish gaping moments, Chloe said, "When she said you won just now, that means Nick actually said he married you willingly right?"

"Yeah, I guess," I mumbled, my stomach suddenly felt all warm inside as if I had just swallowed a steaming, home-made vegetable soup.

"But I see what you mean, though," Chloe couldn't help but add, "She's truly mad beyond compare!"

Sigh… If only that slow, and rather dim-witted, lover boy of mine could realize this as well…