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Amy Miller is an outcast brainiac. When her SRT teacher, asks her if she'll tutor a football player, in Geometry, US History, and Physics, she accepts the challenge, very reluctantly. But the more time she spends with him, the more she learns about jocks.

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Jock Smarts

Chapter 1

"Hey Amy!" Jean Black said, as her friend walked into the classroom.

"Hey, Jean." Amy sighed.

Amy is a short pudgy girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and is always wearing some article of clothing that is blue. At this point she was wearing a blue shirt that said, 'The Warrior' a pair of jean shorts, and white sandals. And since the school lifted the 'No hats or bandana rule' she was wearing a tye-dye blue bandana.

"What's up?" Jean asked.

"Not much. You?"

Several 'preps' and 'jocks' walked in.

"There needs to be a private school." One of the girls said, loudly.

"Yeah. A private school for outcasts." A guy said, beside her.

They walked past Amy and Jean, and laughed.

"I'm so glad I don't have to work with them." Jean said, as she and Amy in their seats.

"They can't be too bad." A male voice said, behind them.

The girls turned around and looked up. Their teacher Brock Maust, put his hands on their shoulders.

"Didn't you hear what they just said?" Jean asked.

"I did. But cursing them and talking about them, aren't gonna make them go away." Maust replied, sitting next to Amy.

"This is your second year here. How did you get so smart?" Amy asked.

He put his arm around her and grinned.

"I never listened to you." He said.

Amy smacked his arm and giggled. Mr. Maust was everything she wanted in a guy: funny, charming, clever, sweet, caring. But there are a few things wrong: he's married, (freshly) he's a teacher and he's 26. Amy's barely allowed to date a guy a year older than her, much less eight. The phone rang and Maust got up to get. Amy turned her attention to her homework..

"Amy, could I see you for a minute." Maust said, after a few moments of silence.

Amy got up and walked to his desk.

"Yes?" she asked, sitting on the edge (growl!) of his desk.

"Would you mind tutoring a student in Geometry, and US History?" Maust asked.

"Sure. What student?" Amy replied.

"Jason Bailey, a junior and a football player." Muast added hastily.

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