Looking at a blank page, I pressure my mind to decide what to say. This page is my life. What will I write on the pages of my life? A comedy? A romance? Perhaps a short story, but hopefully not. Will my life be a number one seller or will it even make it into publication? These things are not for me to find out. My book will not be finished until the day I die. On that day it won't matter to me what the book says, after all, I'm dead and I'm not the one to read it. Does an author write for himself so that he can spend his time reading the very words he struggled to place onto paper? It's like looking into the past. So instead I'll write my book for others. I will write on these pages the knowledge, or lack of it, that I have learned from. On these pages I will write my drama. I will write my comedies, and of course my romances. I will write essays and lectures, the things that others should take into consideration (my teachings). My readers will remember my highs and lows, my times of trials and my hours of success, my failures, my friends, but most of all I pray that they remember this: They too are writing a book! What will it say?