This was written for an autobiography fr Expository Writing. Please don't shoot me. I was asked to post this. Please R&R.

Barrel of fluff
Pinch of sarcasm
Jug of advice
Measure of music
Bottle of tears
Hint of love
Barrel of mistakes
Dash of laughs
Box of graveyard dirt

In a large mixing bowl, pour the pinch of sarcasm, the jug of advice and the measure of music. Add in the hint of love and the bottle of tears, slowly. Empty the barrel of mistakes, a little at a time, to avoid one mistake after another. Sift the barrel of fluff and the box of graveyard dirt slowly so the mixture remains creamy. Gently knead the dough until thin, then stretch to 66 inches. Sprinkle dash of laughs over the top. Once the dough is ready, take to a graveyard, set in the sunlight, and wait for about 6420 days. Even then, it won't be perfect, but nothing is.