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Sunset Swing

Chapter One

The Swing


My eyes snapped open, two purple jewels glowing the early day sun. I yawned, turning on my side and closing them again.

"Melody Love!" my mother called again, this time using my first and middle names, "wake up, darling! We're leaving in an hour."

Leaving. I sat up. Leaving! I knew just where. We were going back to Rhode Island for a weekend visit. I hopped out of bed, rushing to change into my purple and white summer dress. It didn't take me long to pack clothes in a suitcase, followed by a tooth brush and toothpaste. I brushed out my long, brown hair, quickly braiding it behind my back. I had always loved short hair. It had always been short, layered and wispy. But ever since I became best friends with Heather Hill, I forgot about cutting it. I had just let it grow and grow, and then kept it, holding it as my personal way of remembering Heather, I guess.

But today I was going to see her again. We had moved four months ago, back in April. Of course, I had talked to Heather every night since then, and sometimes her boyfriend and my friend, Joe, but it wasn't the same. I left the room, suitcase safely in my hand. My mom was in the living room, heading into the kitchen. She had a large cooler full of sodas and another small one full of sandwiches.

"Mom, it's only two car rides!" I laughed.

"Well, you're a growing girl! And so is this one." She smiled and patted her plump stomach.

I smiled. It would be odd having a sibling. It would be odd being a sibling. I had always been an only child. For once all of the attention wouldn't be on me! "Do you need any help?" I asked.

She waved her hand, indicating no. I went to the door, slipping into white sandals. Bill was loading the van. I handed him my suitcase and I could tell he wasn't in the mood for help from me. Travelling always stressed him out. Bill was my step dad, and despite his stresses from travelling, he was still the best step dad in the world!

Nobdy needed me, so I started down a little path, covered in white rocks, surrounded by trees. This place was beautiful. At the end of our long drivway was a road that led to a bustling city. We had the best of rural and city life here. Bill had gotten a lovely new job here in Massachusetts. We needed it, especially since Mom was pregnant. Babies are too expensive these days. I entered into a field, which ended with a beautiful white sand beach. One lone tree was in the middle of the field. A white tree swing hung there, creating a perfect view to watch the ocean. The sunset was so beautiful, but I'd have to miss it today.

I sat on the swing, but only on the edge so my feet could touch the ground. I was nervous about seeing Heather again. We both could change so much in four months. But nothing about us had changed. Or at least I hoped not. We had talked on the phone for two hours every night. I was being silly.

"Melody!" Bill called. "We're leaving!"

Had it been an hour already?

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