Two Young Lovers

Silent tears fall from the sky.
Invading every crack in the pavement.
Concealing her fears and shadowing her doubt.
She waits patiently hands askew.
Wet hair frames her angelic face.
Deep eyes piercing the crowd ahead.

Her lashes are wet, not only with rain.
Her tears falling silently, calmly.
As she waits trying to hide a shiver.
Lost forever, she thinks.
Perpetually looking for something not there.
Head bowed, defeated she feels - left.

Her reflection mirrored in the placid river
Every drop falling hits the perfect surface.
Distorted the image, quakes and sways.
Rippled her emotions and head - felt deeply.
No longer perfect is her reflection.
Now changed, different, maybe finally the real her.

Harder now, the seemingly perfect drops fall.
Harder now her salty tears flow.
Looking around, left and to her right.
Slowly majestically day turns to night.
Shattered now, is her perfect picture.
Alone in the dark, she must confront her fears.

Leaning over the waters edge,
She looks through the darkened visage.
Eyes cold, dead, unwavering.
Skin pale, waxy, no longer full of life.
She is dead to this world.
Forgotten to the crowd.

Backing away, into the shadows.
She no longer belongs in the light.
The shadows are her formidable friends.
Creeping behind her, stalking, as she waits.
Waits for something, what? She does not know.
The pale moon captures her beauty in its glow.

No longer hiding in the dark.
He lingers in her presence.
Moving silently, among the trees.
He gets closer wrapping his arms around her waist.
Pulling tighter and feeling her tremble.
Slowly she turns and faces her captor.

All those silent tears wiped away,
Gently by his warm caring touch.
Glancing to the ground as she smiles.
Connected, the love and passion felt.
Now night turns to day, as there bodies sway.
Held in each other's arms they hug their pain away.

Uncontrollable shaking seen.
She looks in to his eyes and says,
"Kiss me"
he leans close and their lips touch,
all fear and doubt melting away.
As they both feel closer then ever before.

No lingering tears or raindrops fall.
As these two young lovers,
Are reflected in the rivers mirror.
She's no longer alone, she has found,
The one she longed for and finally has.

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