Not long have I known you, but it matters naught

I always used to think love was something to be bought

But I hadn't met you, no, I had been blind

Love is something worth dying to find

And so close to death I came, holding the knife

I just couldn't go on with this lonely old life

Then Fate intervened, an epiphany made

A man sent with a mission to stalk and invade

This black, frigid, thorn-infested heart

That past love had torn almost completely apart

And invade you did, yes you took me by storm

Your words and your touch made me instantly warm

I saw something in your eyes, perhaps your soul

So vibrant and alive, as mine was like coal

Just black soot and ash, rotting away

Leaving me to live in decay

But just as the Phoenix had risen again

My heart, mind, and soul found pulses within

From the touch of your thumb, which must be green

These feelings are results I thought could never be seen

Yes you've awaken my heart, it has since been freed

But now I've been filled with a malevolent greed

Because I love you so much, and I'm open, unarmed

It would take but a whisper to leave me broken and harmed

But you cradle me close, nursing me back to health

And for the first time I can say that I feel like myself

And I hold you so tight, these last words my endeavor

"All I can promise you forever"