She watched him with fascination. Hazel eyes hovering over his lean body, powerful arms and muscular thighs. She licked her lips in anticipation, wondering if she dared get too close- yet terrified what would happen should they be within touching distance of each other. Would she be able to restrain herself? This was foolishness! She had self control. She was not some reckless child. How dare he be able to reduce her to such? Darkness wrapped her in a secure blanket, shielding her from sight.

The man in front of her came to a stop. Luckily, she was still quite a bit behind him and managed to slip conveniently behind a house, unheard. Had he realised he was being followed? Her heart hammered violently as if trying to break it's way out of her chest. As much with excitement as fear. The night was eerily quiet. Just the way the stalker liked it. Should he come behind the house he would surely see her. On reflex she grasped the knife in her black leather jacket. It really would be a shame should he find her and force her into ending it now. Her full lips curved into a pout at the dismaying thought. That would not be fair at all. What was she thinking? Had she gone insane? She could not end it now. The knife was not even meant to have come into play. I am breaking all my rules by having so much as brought the weapon out with me. It had called to her though. The way he seemed to called at her. The manner in which he unwittingly boiled her blood and possessed her. Running through her system the way blood run through her veins. The desire to talk to him burned within her, almost charring her body and causing her to combust this very instant. Should he chance to see her she would need to force herself to be cool though. Level- headed. Naïve. Violence at this stage was not an option. So why had she brought the knife? She was scared. The passion that raged through her was disparate to anything she had ever felt. Or would ever since feel. The pain indescribable. She would rather resort to violence should they meet so ahead of schedule than have the impossible task of remaining indifferent. "Self control." She quietly repeated the words like a chant. "I need to keep a very firm check on myself." I will need to act indifferent sometime in the near future anyway. But hopefully that day would not be tonight. She was too emotional at present.

To her relief she heard heavy footsteps resume their journey. After making sure he was far enough ahead to maintain a reasonable distance between them - she remerged from her hiding place. Ha ha. Hiding place! Now that was funny. Because before too long her prey would have nowhere to hide. A faint smile lingered about her lips as she saw him approach his flat, a laugh bellowing menacingly in her head. It took all her strength of will to prevent her mouth from repeating the alarming sound.
"Soon." She settled for whispering. "Oh my carefree dear, so very soon."

When he allowed the cream door to slam shut, entering his refuge and cutting off her view- she let her laughter out freely.

Things were about to get interesting.


Yeah, I have offically gone mad. I wrote this at 12 o clock at night and no matter how much I wanted to get this idea out of my head it won't leave. This is what happens when you haven't slept I guess.