Author's Note – December 30, 2005

The story I am presenting to you now is one you have probably read before; the complete, original version was posted months ago, and is now being told again. It is not a different story. There are very few new characters. The only thing that has changed is the storytelling, for better or worse.

But I hope that you've still enjoyed the ride, and keep an eye out for Angel and her unlikely companions. I doubt it's the last we've seen of them.

Please keep in mind that, due to our school's charming filter, I am going to have to revise every swear word in the whole (damn) thing now. Be patient. It'll get there someday.

- Pineapple Arsenic

Original Author's Note - March 21, 2005

If you were to ask me where I got my idea for a story, the answer would probably be nothing more than a shrug and a smile. I've never tried to forcibly create a character or a scenario. Since I started, I've been doing nothing more than listening to the words rolling through my head and putting them on paper. I think a lot of authors would tell you the same.

There are problems with the system, okay. If any part of the process is too weak -- character, situation, or writing -- then the story falls through and into the pit of Never To Be Finished. But on the other hand, if I do a good job, that character has a powerful voice, even if the situation they're in is unrealistic. That, above everything, is my one goal - to create strong, memorable characters. With the completion of Angel, I think I've done that.

The first time I wrote Angel's opening line was close to six months ago, and I had a very different image in my head. I saw a girl raised on the streets, born into this life. It wasn't until later that I found the file on my hard drive and realized I'd gotten it wrong. I sat back to really listen to the story playing in my head, and in late December I became acquainted with a strong, hard-willed woman.

And a few minutes ago, I finished relaying this story to all of you here at Fiction Press. It is the first I've finished and posted, but if Angel -- or Sparks -- happens to speak up again, be assured I'll listen to them. There won't be a sequel unless I can uphold the strength of everyone involved, although I am considering a fresh story with our two friends.

But whatever our next adventure is, I hope you'll be joining me for another round.

- Called Chaos