This poem is a long one, maybe too long. But while writing it God touched me and caused me to be even more thankful to Him for His love, the love for me that caused His death. He touched me while writing this and I hope He will use it to touch your heart as well.


Unconditional by writerforever



A crown of thorns

People screaming

Casting rocks


Upon Your holy face

The cat of nine tails

Ripping into Your precious body

Blood caressing Your entire being

The cross

Placed upon Your shoulders

The long climb up to Calvary

You grit Your teeth


You suffer

You fall

You bleed

For me

The shame of being stripped naked

The nails

Piercing Your hands and feet

Blood flowing forth

The cross is raised

You look to Heaven

Praying for Your persecutors

Enduring the pain, humiliation, the agony

For one reason


I pass through Your mind

You know that You must die

So that I may live

The cross is jolted into place

The pain is almost unbearable

An image passes through Your mind

In this pain and agony

You see a lost and lonely teenage boy

Needing love

Needing to be rescued

You look upward

And endure the pain

So that the boy may one day know You

So that one day, thousands of years later,

He will rest in Your loving arms

You will die

So that You can free the boy from the chains of the world

And from Satan's grip

You suffer

You give up everything

For me, that lost and lonely boy

You hang upon an old rugged cross

Bloodied, unrecognizable as a human,

Naked and shamed before men

You die so that You can save me

Your love is an unconditional love

Thank You Jesus : )