Though Raksasja Tok was never published, her notes were saved by her son and donated to the Morredra City Archives after her death. Among many fascinating stories, mostly from her travels along the Saervin Archipelago and Itan'ters, there are repeated and consistant accounts of Drekai.

"The Temple of Light was nothing if not imposing. (...) As we stepped inside, we were greeted by a temple servant. He was quite amiable about our unexpected visit. At my request, he showed us the library.

I was quite taken aback to see a humanoid lizard perched (quite literally) at the entrance. He was taller than any of the visitors and had a mouth full of teeth. Although ftorny probably have just as many teeth, I doubt mine will ever grow as long as his. Our guide told us he was one of the Drekai, strange creatures that guarded the temple for centuries.

I was told there were two types of Drekai, the gold and red coloured were larger in size and were mainly diurnal. But there was another kind, smaller and slighter of body, darker in colour and nocturnal. We were told the night-Dreka were much more agressive than their counterparts, though the guide refused to elaborate further."

It is assumed that this very chapter of Raksasja's writings later inspired Tikra-Harnia to write "Myth of Maiyna-Ketra", a comprehensive guide to Tersian religion.

Drekai are also mentioned in "Lightbound", the first book about Itan'ters to be published in Mekij:

"The Temple of Light is home to the Dreka. They have lived there-- and protected the Initiates-- for longer than anyone can remember. Though threatening in appearance, they are compassionate and honorable creatures.

Regardless, one should always think twice before invading their personal space. Territoriality goes well with sharp teeth."

Not much else is known about the Drekai, partly because of Temple rules, partly because they are prone to hiss at anyone even thinking of observing them.