Dance Upon The Sand

Clouds set in the sky

The night's warm and dry

I'll hold out my hand

We'll dance on the sand

We'll float like a dream

Or so it would seem

Under the stars

This dance is ours

While your father doesn't know

Across the land, we'll go

We'll run hand in hand

Until we both dance on the sand

Down where the sea calls your name

One moment there is never the same

Like a dream you'll look at me

Your hearts beating wild and free

Away from most things

Listen as the sea sings

Then I must take you home

Someday we'll go to Rome

I'll walk you to your door

You're the girl that I adore

And as I look into your eyes

I don't want to say our goodbyes

Our fingers will be intertwine

Don't take your hand from mine

Come with me and we will go

Down to the sea that waits below